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colorectal cancer

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Now in the cheom phase. Ist folfox treatment one of 12 (6months) Nauseau, sore picc line and total aprehension. Any advice on the future dinkydi8

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Will probably be NED. Many more scans and tests,but will probably remain NED. Good luck!!

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I just had treatment #8 Folfox yesterday. 4 more to go!! The first treatment was the worst. 4 days of pure exhaustion, couldn't eat, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, couldn't drink. Treatment 2-8 has been better. I now have Zofran at home for nausea, and I get pretreated with steriods for energy and zofran for nausea, and amend for nausea. I don't know if my body has been able to tolerate it better or if the premeds help. I have not changed any doses of oxy (chemo), I would like to go full strength for all 12. Good Luck and you can do it!!
Sandy :)

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I lived on Bananas, Gatoraid, and ginger during FolFox. Ginger cookies, candy, etc... The ginger soothed my stomach, and allowed me to eat other things. Bananas and Gatoraid helped me with the dehydration and electrolyte balance.

Nupercanal, baby wipes, and lomotil were also needed. (I tried imodium, but it dried my eyes and throat out to much.)

Best Always, mike

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Get some meds for the sickness. Not sure why you didn't get a port but mine never hurt from the injections. Try to eat a balanced diet if you can. Sometimes just eating anything to get it down is better than nothing. Rest if you are able plus getting exercise will help, but sometimes you will be so tired that putting one foot in front of the other is excerise. Try to drink some Boost or esure. Everyone is diffferent so it's hard to say what will make you feel better but one thing is for sure, make time for you, even if it's extra reading time, or shopping or whatever. Wishing you the best and let us know how you are feeling.


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Hi all and again THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to assist others. We are sitting in Oncology at one of Melbourne's (Australia) best Cancer treatment centers (it is about two hours away from the hosp. That I work in). We had a rushed trip from my hospital as my husband developed a massive clot in and around the picc line. They took the line out and for someone who is needle phobic he has mastered the art of self injecting with clexane. I offered to do it but I was meet with No THANK YOU, I have seen you in action and you are heartless. We also had another scare. We got his ct scan report and everything was fine as far as mets were concerned, however something jumped out at me in the report. My husband in another life was an engineer and spent a lot of time in hospitals working around asbestos. Panic stations, as I thought it sounded like methotheleoma. Two days of terror ended when the Oncologist rang and said it was pleural plaques and not cancer, so now we are only fighting bowel cancer. Let's hope that the new picc line and the clexane combine to give us two weeks of some normality. God watch over all of us and hopefully we will all have a some happy days ahead. Cheers dinkydi8

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Did I post this in the right place. dinkydi8

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was a huge issue for me. just did not want to eat & when i did everything tasted awful. i lost 18lbs but after i finished 12 tx i soon gained it back! darn!!! i did throw up a couple of times & slept alot. i had to take off work the last 3 months. i did folfox6 so the side effects may be different than just folfox. any way you look at it,it is a rough tx but hang in there!

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