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searching for options

searching for o...
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My mother was 74 year old in March 2011 and had a lobectomy. Drs said they got it all and nothing was called for in the line of meds. check up every 3 months. She did extremely well, stopped all pain meds while in hosp, got back to full strength and appeared to be "cured". Then in December 2011 they found cancer in the lymphnodes in the center of the chest and an area of concern on one of her ribs, diagnosed with state 4 lung cancer. They started her on the Tarceva pill and she unfortunately could not tolerate it. After 2 months she was switched to IV Chemo of Alimpta and carboplatin. She tolerated that chemo and received it until May 2012 when the Dr said that she was in partial remission. The chemo was changed to straight Alimpta. A CT scan in early August showed slight increases in the size of the lymphnodes, but the Dr kept her on the "maintenance" chemo. After her chemo treatment on 8/25 over the next 3 weeks she seemed to go down hill. Found out that there was fluid build up in the pleural sac, drained 1 liter and tests showed cancer cells in the fluid. Also found a new nodule on the other lung. She was put onto a new chemo, taxotere and she had her first treatment on 10/4 and the side affects were horrible for my mother. She has again had to have the fluid drained from the pleural sac, this time 2 liters was drained. She is having difficulty breathin and pain. The Dr says that she may have been allergic to the chemo so wants to change to Taxol and carboplatin to be given on 10/25. The problem is that my mother is considering not having the chemo becuase of the severe side effects. Does anyone have any experience with Taxol chemo? what side effects are normal and does it work? My mother was in excellent health before this, rarely ever took any med and does have a very positive attitude. This disease is so terrible, but the treatments seem to be even worse. They can really take a strong person and knock them to their knees. I don't want to see her suffer, I keep trying to find the right place, the right treatment, I would take her anywhere, I am at a loss for what to do. I am scared, and I can see it in her eyes, she is scared now. Anyone in a similar situation, what are you doing? How can I know what to ask of the drs about the treatment/prognosis/ anything. We feel so in the dark.

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I don't know if you had a chance to read any of the thread started by gdpawel further down this page but I think he has a terrific recommendation there with his thread about Rational Theraputics in California. They use the patients own cancer cells, subject them to all known chemo and chemo combos to see which will have the greatest efficiency to destroy the cancer cells. You may want to contact them.


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hey you! I have an answer for you! IMMUNOTHERAPY!!
I have been diagnosed with lung cancer, and When I first heard the news, my life just literally ended before me.. I felt like my world ends at that moment.. thankfully enough to my string faith in the lord, as well as my family and friends they helped me get back on my feet..and gather my strength together and start looking for solutions because giving up is not a solution, at all.
I looked into chemos and radiation therapy, which are the conventional treatments, and then I started looking into immunotherpay and the chance to participate in one of the many clinical trials out there... and while reading and surfing the net I found out that there is this company called storemytumor.. I am not sure if any of you have dealt with them? I have been in touch with them and they are AMAZING! from every aspect... they basically help perform tumor tissue banking so that you own it... because tumor tissue usually are discarded or not properly preserved in hospitals (so I heard!)... also, it gives me the opportunity to take part in one of so many clinical trials that require tumor tissue.

Please look more into the vaccine trials out there.. there is always hope!!
if you have any more questions please let me know, my email is paulastone50@gmail.com. I canm give you contacts also at storemytumor

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