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4 years and still going

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It has now been 4 years. Radiation, lots and lots of chemo interspersed with 4 surgeries.

For now I have clear scans but a rising CEA.

I think I have entered a long fight with a chronic disease. I enjoy these moments of no treatments and pray for a cure.

Birthdays pass and now each one is a celebration of another year that might not have been. I know I am not alone and wish you all success in your battle.


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Good to hear from you. Hmmmm, since your scans are clear.....have you thought about possibly something like a vaccine clinical trial.
I don't even know if you can do a clinical trial without having exhausted all the chemos....however, I wonder if there is something to do NOW that you could benefit from. That's why I say a vaccine.....something that may not hurt anything if you do it.

It just really sux that this is all so nerve-wracking. I would have thought there would be way more advancements by now.
Check that out :)

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Wow. I read your "about me" page. You've had a pretty action packed four years. My husband has had a complete colectomy and hipec surgery and now we are hoping for a liver resection. He is on his second round of chemo (Folfiri with Avastin again). Anyways, we admire your strength and find inspiration from all you've been through. Stay strong.


PS - "Hoping" for liver resection surgery. How sad is that? If someone would have told me two years ago that we would be hoping for liver surgery.....LOL

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I've done three, with lots of chemo and surgery, and it's pretty darned exhausting. Good for you for making it so far, with your spirit intact! I hope the rising CEA proves to be due to something other than cancer. Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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way to go! great news we love to hear about!

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Four years is a great amount of time and if you are feeling good right now that is even better. Pray you continue to do great. Jeff

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Hi, my husband is 26th months since dx, and doing much better than we ever thought. You have had a tough ride, and doing very well, give every one some hope. After surgery for us in Aug 2010, my husband has just recieved chemo, he will have this for life, no cure for him. We also treat this as a chronic illness. Liver, lung and peritoneum mets. All the very best to you, live a long and happy life.

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There's something to celebrate right there. Congratulations. Glad you're enjoying this no treatment moment. Best wishes with your battle.

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on the 4 year mark.i remember you from when i was first dx stage 3 in sept.2008.in jan.2011 i went to stage 4 with mets to my liver and lungs.have you been a stage 4 sorry i can not remember.keep up the fight and its good to see you....Godbless....johnnybegood

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right on that is awsome news

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Thank you for the update. Congrats on the clear scan and hope that the CEA goes back down and stays there. Glad that you have got four birthdays in your past and many more ahead.


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