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pet scan and claustrophibia

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I am xtremely claustrophobic and want to know if having the pet scan is enclosed like a mri

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No, it is nothing like an MRI as far as being enclosed.

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Alexis F
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No, it is not. And, if you still feel anxious about the PET scan, please get something to relax you from your oncologist.

When is your scan? And, good luck!


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Nothing like an MRI....its a very big open tube... I had no problems with it..and I do have problems with the MRI.

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Don't hesitate to ask your doctor for a mild sedative prior to the pet scan. They do that for MRI patients a lot too.

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What I found most helpful about the PET scan is that you're in a tube that's much shorter than your body (and I'm only 5'3").

So, when they started, my head and shoulders were completely out....as the scan moved up my body, by the time my head was inside, my legs were sticking out -- I could always see "light at the end of the tunnel"! That, to me, made the test very tolerable.


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If you have the ability to keep your eyes closed and do breathing and visualization, the PET scan is easier to deal with than the MRI.
As the others have stated, the tube is much shorter and more open.

Otherwise, have your Dr. get you something to help ease your anxiety. Either way, you can do this.
And remember, as long as you keep breathing everything else can be worked out.

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The MRI is a lot worse, I think, than the PET scan. The tube is more open with the PET scan, but, all of these tests are still nerve racking. I always take a valium before I go for these tests, and, it helps me. And, it won't take as long for the PET scan either. Good luck!

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Please let the tech know too. I know with MRI, they talk the patient through the whole thing and check on them to be sure they are doing ok. The nice thing too is that it doesn't take as long as the MRI does. Also, like everyone else said, you can get something from the docs to help.

Good luck!

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