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Taxol and Sore Throat

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My father started Taxol 10/15/12. Started bone pain Thursday 10/18/12. Now has had a bad sore throat since yesterday. He does not have a fever but I am worried. Is it a Chemo side effect or an infection? Has anyone else had sore throat after Taxol that wasn't infection related?? Also he is due for his Chemo tomorrow morning. Do they cancel Chemo for sore throat/possible infection?? WOuld appreciate help...this is new ):

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I had some problems with taxol, but not a sore throat. I had a pesky cough about the whole time AND difficulties taking deep breaths. Twice, the weekend before chemo, the coughing got worse. That, plus the breathing issues, made it a challenge for me to move about in my house (and our house is not big). I had to move slowly. The "good" thing was that the first time, I did not have a temp and my lungs were clear -- the nasty coughing had let up by chemo time. So, I was cleared to go. My onc had me take an allergy pill to help with the coughing issues. He said that sometimes taxol can stimulate mucus. The second time it happened, my worse day was a Friday, the day I would go give them blood to be sure I was good to go for chemo. I believed that if I could get myself up to the office (half hour away), they would be able to help me again. (I did not have to drive, as friends did that for me.) That time I did have a bit of a temp, but my lungs were clear in spite of the fact that I had a nasty cough and had those breathing issues. We figured that resuming the allergy pill, taking musinex, and 1 benadryl at bedtime (no more than that) that would be enough -- but to be safe, they had me, that one time, take an antibiotic. By Monday, things should be good. Actually, I began to feel better the next day and did take chemo.

Maybe the sore throat is taxol-related. I do not know. I shared what I did so you can see that sometimes an infusion is not delayed just because the person is having some problems. I share that to encourage you to take advantage of being around medical personnel Monday. They may be able to give you all some help in relation to that sore throat. For me, it seems that as long as my lungs were good and my temp was good, I was cleared for an infusion. The nurses just could not always get used to hearing my pesky cough and were quick to come to check to see that I was all right -- which is a good thing.

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Thanks for the reply. I checked my father's throat and he has thrush. Oncologist called an antifungal pill in and he started it. He has a bit of a cough but just bringing up clear foamy sputum, It is so hard to discern what is a chemo side effect and what could be from infection. I am going to ask about allergy pill tomorrow. Thanks again.

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Hello, along with the bone pain watch out for muscle pain.
If he is having stabbing or shooting pain especially in his feet or hands, make sure you let the chemo nurses and his oncologist know.
I had to stop the taxol due to neuropathy. It is mostly in my feet but a little in my fingers as well. It started as shooting and stabbing pain and then moved to tingling and general pain with numbness. Not fun, but hopefully we stopped in time and it will not become permanent.
He may also have drymouth and if he snores like I have been known to do he may have a slight sore throat even when he is done with the thrush.

Good luck to both of you and keep asking your questions.

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