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Surgery completed 9/26 with good news

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My robotic hysterectemy was done on 9/26 and I had very quick recovery. My gyn/onc told me on the day of surgery that the cancer was very superficial in the uterus but he still removed a few pelvic lymph nodes for testing. I had my follow up appt with him on Tuesday and he said the path report on the nodes was negative for cancer and the final stage would be stage 1 grade 1. I have to see him every 3 mos for 2 yrs and then every 6 mos for 3 yrs.I am just so thankful for this outcome.
As I stated in a previous post, when I was being tested to see if the uterine cancer had spread it was found that I have Lymphoma. So now I will deal with that. I know the lymphoma is a very slow growing type and I don't have any symptoms. I am trying to get myself as healthy as I can so I can prepare to do battle with that cancer.
Thanks to everyone on this board for your support, I really appreciated it.


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Good for you. Glad everything went well. Keep strong and healthy and you certainly will be able to deal with this other monster. Get well and please keep us informed.

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One down and one to go, I guess! Glad that uterine is resolved and best wishes dealing with lymphoma. Thanks for sharing your info.

Mary Ann

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Good news you reported!

Have to tell you mother-in-law was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer some 4 yrs ago and she refused any treatments. Today there's still no sign of this cancer moving, thus, she's doing very well. Plus as we age, cancer does move/grow more slowly...something to be said for getting older I guess!!

Keep smiling as you'll do just fine~~

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So happy to hear the results of your surgery for endometrial cancer. Whew. I remember how frightened you were and am happy you can breathe a sigh of relief on this part. As you know, I'm 2+ years from the same results as you - and I also had a second primary cancer at the same time, breast cancer. I now see the gyn onc only every 6 months and I will continue to do what I'm supposed to, but know my cancer is very unlikely to recur, more so as time goes on. Take one day at a time and as each part is behind you, it becomes one less obstacle to dread. What will your treatments for lymphoma be?

Continue to be well,

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