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Bone Marrow Biopsy

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On Wednesday I had my BMB with sedation. I was given Propofol and I was completley out. I am so glad to have that over with. I was just a little sore for one day, not to bad at all. I will learn the results and also treatment plan at my next appt. Nov 1. From what the doc has said to me so far I think the plan will be watchful waiting. The type of NH Lymphoma I have is B small cell follicular grade 1 and I do not have any symptoms. I was wondering what questions I should ask my doc when we discuss the treatment plan.

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I would just say you really don't know what stage you are until the bone marrow biopsy comes in. If anything is detected in the bone marrow that automatically puts you at stage 4. However in the outside chance that happens, don't be alarmed. Stage 4 is just as treatable as any other stage.

Good luck. I feel certain things will go your way!

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GKH, the doc did tell me what the BM result means to staging. The only other place it showed up on my PET scan was in the mesentery nodes. All my blood counts are good so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be found in my BM. Either way as you said "it is treatable."


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My only nodes that showed were also in mesentary. Sounds like you are in good shape for a simple watch and wait or at most Rituxan. I value second opinions so please consider that too. All my best and good luck!

Gotta go to bed!

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My husband was diagnosed in march after 2 FNA & a open biopsy He had NHL
stage 4 with Bone marrow involvement. He was clearned of the disease in July 2012 after 6 rounds of RCHOP that started in March 2012. Wow what an emotional ride we were on.

My husband never ever gave up. Hed finish Chemo come home & do whatever he could,to try to keep his state of mind right. He would try to do some gardening & he would evensplit and chop wood. Sometimes he drove me crazy, thought why is he doing this... he isnt suppose to be doing this. He kept telling me that he had to do something & that he was not just going to pardon the expression lay down & die. SO I left him & with his positive attitude & his momento.He blew me away with his strength. Just dont give up, I learned a lot from my husband 1 thing was to never give up no matter what!!!!

He kept telling himself I am going to beat this & he did. I am so very proud of him and as I tried so hard to not allow myself to break down I did, every 21 days Id go with him for his 5.5 hrs of RCHOP. It was hard to see what he was going through, what everyone there goes through.

We have our 1st F/U this month with the Oncologist. My husband is very positive about his F/U

miss maggie
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Dear Chris,

I too was dx with stage 1, low grade, B cell NHL. Not Follicular, My BMB was negative for cancer. I was treated only with Rituxan once weekly for 4 weeks. I have been in remission
for 2 years.

Let us know when you get the results of the BMB. Wishing the best. Love Maggie

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Hi Chris,

Sounds like you're doing well :).

Regarding the treatment plan, make a list of things you think of
to take to your appointment. You might want to discuss potential
side effects, things you may need to avoid or do during treatment,
what to expect, etc.

You've come a long way and have a good attitude!
Keep that up - it will be your friend.

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)

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Hello Chrismc:

I have what the oncologist called a Mild B Cell NH Lymphoma. Have had a CT Scan, PT Scan, and a Bone Marrow Biopsy, and blood tests. For the biopsy, I had Oxycodone, and it was still quite painful. Lucky for you that you were "completely out." Can only get anesthesia in a hospital setting and I was in a clinic.

I have Rituxan infusions every six months, once a week for 4 weeks in a row. I tried my first infusion with Benedryl and without steroids and had a reaction to the Rituxan. Now I have steroids and Benedryl which prevent a reaction for me. So make sure to discuss any treatment. I start Rituxan infusions again on November 20. Actually, it is not a bad experience.

I have been told that my Lymphoma is not curable, but can be controlled.

Let us know how you are doing.


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Nancy, I have seen others treated with Rituxan only as a first treatment and I am interested in learning more.I was talking with a woman in my exercise class,and she was treated with Rituxan only in 2003 for the same Lymphoma as I have. Hers was located in several areas including her bone marrow. She has been in remission since 2003.I have B small cell grade 1 follicular NH located in mesentery lymph nodes and will find if there is any in bone marrow on Nov 1.

I have previously discussed in general, treatments for Lymphoma with my doc, and he talked about watchful waiting and Chemo with Rituxan when it is needed. I plan to speak to him about Rituxan treatment at my next appt.

I think I will also seek a second opinion as others on this board have done.

I just feel so good right now due to exercise and weight loss. Weight loss is not due to Lyphoma, I have no symptoms at this time. I am working very hard to to get as healthy as I can to be ready for treatment whenever the time comes.


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Hi Chris :)

A second opinion is probably a good idea. I'm glad you feel
well and are exercising and getting healthier. I need to have
that little talk with myself honestly (exercise and healthier
eating). I've actually been putting on a little weight in the
past month or so. The britches are starting to complain ;).

I think your strategy is a good one. I hope your results are
great on Nov 1st. Please keep us updated.



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