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Cynthia how things are going?

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Praying for you both every day! Hugs!

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Hi Pepe, Thank you for thinking of Rick. He's had a tough week with the back pain etc,, but thanks to input from John23, we're at least getting the stoma irritation issue under control. On top of this, he ran out of Dilaudid today and we couldn't get a renewal since it's Sunday. Fortunately, I just now found a bottle of Oxycodone, so I'm hoping that it helps soon and that he can sleep tonight. The poor guy has been suffering all day.

He had a nice day yesterday though since his kids, Mom, sister and nephew came up for a visit. He hadn't seen hi kids in over a month, so he was quite happy to see them. I got a 165 photo prints made up (4 years worth), so he and the kids spent over an hour looking at the photos and sharing memories. I'm so glad that he was able to have such a nice day for a change.

Hope that you are doing well,



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are both in my prayers every day. so glad Rick had a good visit with the family.

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:) Thank you dear.

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