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My Scan Update ( My Caringbridge Report Entry)

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Wednesday October 17, 2012: Well today was the day that I'd find out how my blood tests came out and what Dr. Donthireddy (oncologist) wanted from me for the next year. Just a recap last year she told me that I really didn't need a scan this year so in August when making the yearly appointment I called her to see if she wanted me to have a scan and she said " no I don't think you need to have one. If you have been feeling fine then there is no need for one." So she comes into the room and she says "no scan". My mouth just dropped. I said you told me that I didn't need one last year and it as up to me and then I called you last month when making the appointment and asked if you wanted me to have one and left it up to her. Said I didn't want to make that choice and said "you told me no it wasn't necessary." She said well we can do one now. I told her fine but wish you would have told me before and now I'm going to have such high anxiety about this because you should have just told me to do it. Bottom line she said then we will wait until next year, have a scan then. I once again said are you sure, and she said yes

My blood tests came out so much better than last year. Can't believe that my white and red count came up. Still below normal but one part of my profile with the blood came up into the normal range for the first time in four years.

I left Wednesday with a sadness, I doubted myself, I doubted my appointment, I doubted my stance on the scan. Usually I'd come home from my doctor's appointment and be happy or not. This time was not. I stewed about what she said "no scan" and it bummed me. So I called Thursday morning and talked to her nurse and gave her my scenario. She said well we can give you something to help your anxiety and said that I'm already on Ativan (only take it for things like this). Long story short, I called all day yesterday and finally got a scan this morning. Had to drink that dye at 5:00 a.m. and leave at 6:00. I'm angry, only because last year you can see my previous post about what she said about no scan and then me calling again last month and asking again and then her walking in the door and saying no scan. Just made me angry.

God Bless my husband, Walt, he got up like a trooper and we left at 6:00 a.m. Got the scan at 7:00 a.m and asked if my doctor would have the results today and she said "yes, there is an 'urgent order' on this scan." "Your doctor will have it today."

Called later and she said that scan was all clear - yippee. Did mention bone loss but that could be due to radiation and also mentioned hardening or arterys where she said that was normal. She did have a concern about the hernias that I'm having surgery on - opps forgot to tell you on November 12 - and she said that the CT scan showed that there is serious damage to the colon in several areas and that the hernia surgery is very necessary. They commented on how this needs to be done soon.

Keep me in your prayers for November 12 for my surgery. It's been told by Dr. Lee that it will be very painful and long recovery (probably 8 months). It's not like a normal hernia surgery.

Thanks and Hugs!


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First, just really glad that your scan is clear.

Second, really sorry to hear that you're going to have a painful surgery, but I'm glad this is being taken care of. I know you've had these hernias for a while. Just don't put it off much longer so it won't turn into anything that can't be repaired.

Will be keeping you in my thoughts.



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That is awesome news. Don't sweat the bone loss. I was told the same thing 2 years ago due to chemo and I just went through 12 more rounds since then. I can deal with anything as long as my scans are clear. Go out and celebrate.

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So very glad to hear the "all clear" on the scan! Now you will have some peace of mind on that front.

You know we will be sending you healing love and support on the 12th. And who knows, the docs might be wrong about the pain and recovery time. The main thing is to get that hernia fixed and let others take over the heavy lifting from now on.

Hugs and love to you,

Marie who loves kitties

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Well, I'm glad the scan was clear. That's awesome! Praying your surgery goes very well!


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Kim, I don't know how I missed this. I am so happy about your scans & will be praying that the surgery goes well and that you are the exception to pain stats.
Good luck, and may I say for the record, I hate this freaking cancer.

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on the clear scan and sorry you have to go through the surgery. But better to get it taken care of now. Hope your recovery goes well and there isn't as much pain as they're predicting.

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that the scan was clean!!! will pray for your surgery to go good.

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When I worked for a med association one of our docs at the annual meeting said " the surgeons are just plumbers. it's the anesthesiologist
that keeps you alive." LOL Good luck on your future surgery!!!

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first congrats on your scans and second thanks for hangin around with us and supporting all of us who are still in this cancer fight.it means a lot to me that you are still a part of this board,i remember i was fighting my first battle at the same time you were.unfortunately my fight is still going and i am thankful for your support.sorry you have to have a rough surgery,you will be in my prayers....Godbless....johnnybegood

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I'm just hopeful that the recovery will be a smooth one for you, Kim:)

That's a long time, but it seems any surgery I've ever done is at least a year, right off the top.

I'm nursing two small hernias now...umbiblical and linguina...they see them on the CT but are relatively small for now...

I'm sorry yours have become so problematic and here's hoping that the surgery treats you well..


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The recovery for the long haul will be primarily the internal not the external - sorry should have clarified that. Think the reason why this is so big now is because back with the initial surgery I pushed doing and lifting things too fast - hence the hernias. Now I'll know better. Thanks everyone for your well wishes.


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So glad to hear your scan was clear. I'm sorry you are facing big hernia surgery and hope it goes well. Yes, you'll have to take it easy, go slow and let things heal. My daughter is facing a future hernia surgery as well. Hope to hear from you in Nov. that you've had successful hernia surgery and recovering well.


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smile kim.


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Kim, I'm so happy you had the scan and it's clear! And yay to the better blood counts. Yet, it doesn't see fair you have another surgery to endure. Will this surgery help your bowel function? Anyway, I am and will be sending thoughts and prayers your way. Again, congratulations on being NED!
Sending light

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After battling cancer and all of the wars that go along with it, you may find the surgery not as hard as the doctor implied. You are a warrior now.
Thank goodness for the clean scan results.

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Prayers and best wishes for your recovery from surgery, and CONGRATS on the scan results!!!

Cathleen Mary
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Great news on the scan. Prayers for upcoming surgery and recovery. Hopefully, all will go smoothly and you will feel well enough to enjoy the holidays.

Cathleen Mary

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