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Working while in treatment?

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Did anyone work while they were doing treatment? I was wondering how doable this is. I know everyone is different but maybe I can get some kind of idea.

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2timothy1 7
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This might depend on your chemo regime. I couldn't work while undergoing chemo. My regime: 1st day chest chemo, 2nd day IP chemo,8th day IP chemo. Day nine and ten I received fluids. Then I was off for 12days. Just the traveling and receiving chemo plus feeling so weak made it impossible to work. However the type of work you do might make a difference as well. It is a tough decsion to make. I hated not working but realized I couldn't physically do it. Best of luck to you!

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I have been going through chemo since Aug 2010. After my debulking surgery I asked my Dr for a note to allow me to work 0-8 hrs a day. My employer was very accommodating and supportive and I had only started working for this company 3 months prior to my diagnosis. I would give them my schedule depending on how I was doing and acclimating to the various chemo treatments. I needed to work as a good diversion and to maintain my insurance. I manage 45 Mfg Operators in a large Mfg plant and was able to do some work from home...reviews etc. I worked part time and full time over the past two years. I think it will all depend on the type of work you do, how you feel and how accommodating your employer will be during your treatment plan. Good luck. I know it helped me a lot to be able to work....even P/T.

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Glad to be done
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I got the absolutely not when I asked if I could work.. I work in a high school health office so she said that was the wrost place for me to be with a comprimised immune system...

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Ptharp....I have Uterine cancer but treatments are pretty similar. I worked the entire time I was on chemo, never missed a single day other than chemo days...so definitely doable. I know for me this was a huge source of stress with the job market like it is and before I started chemo, it was what I researched most. I hope knowing others have done it puts you at ease.

The worst for me was the joint pain from the taxol which occurred usually on day three and four after receiving it. Fatigue was also a problem but I found going to bed super early helped. Since your white blood counts are going to drop, exposure to sick people is a risk and if your job involves working with people you may want to reconsider working. I basically hid in my cubicle and used lots of hand sanitizer.

I hope this helps....

Take care,

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I had six treatments of carbo/taxol, with each treatment three weeks apart. The main side effects for me (fatigue, loss of appetite, constipation) were really only bad for the first week after each treatment. My work is done from a desk in an office cubicle, and I felt well enough to do some work from home in the second week after each treatment. My white blood cell count was low and my immunity at risk, so I knew I wasn't going to go into the office and expose myself to everyone else's "cooties". My supervisor didn't put any pressure on me to work at all but I asked her if I could work from home, which helped save some of my sick leave and helped me to feel productive and stay connected to my co-workers.


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