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From: Big Billy .....To: Cynthia and Rick…and the rest of the CSN Crew…....*** UPDATED *** (Enjoy the Show!)

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You didn’t think that Craig would shelf Big Billy forever, did you?


How could he let the legend disappear like that? Isn’t Big Billy a part of this cancer community, too?

Good, that’s what I thought too:)

Well, I'm back in black, Cyn:)

Note: For all of the new folks that are asking what's going on? Here is the link to the story about Big Billy and who he is and what he represents:


This will make more sense after you know the whole story:)

Dearest Cyn,

I’m writing you today, because Craig has been keeping me informed on the rough times you and Rick have been having this year. Like so many others, his heart is heavy for both of you; because he feels that he cannot be of benefit to either of you with this cancer business.

But, he wonders if he can still make you and Rick smile?

On the way in this morning, he commented that one of the warmest memories and stories of Rick was how he would turn the TV down, so you could read one of his posts to him. He’s always felt that was such an honor that he would “make time” for him…it’s something that he will never forget.

And then he remembered telling you that he was going to do a few videos over on his SundanceChannelCH on YouTube – and that you and Rick were looking forward to that.

Little did any of us know this year that The Lion would get a thorn in his paw…

So, the man got to thinking about the both of you…and a promise that he made to you…and a promise he had not kept…and you know how he just hates to do that:)

And he decided that he wants you and Rick to see the “2” videos that he’s planning to record this weekend and put up on his channel for your viewing pleasure – to cheer or to jeer:)

It’s just very important to him that Rick has the opportunity to see these...he's taken the time for him...and now Craig wants to take the time for him with this labor of love.

He is a man of his word…

So, here’s what he’s got planned for you two…and if it’s okay with you, I’d like to invite the rest of the Semi;Colon family into our living room, so they can see the show too if they would like to join in?


Craig is going to sing a duet with Alison Krauss…if you read the story, “The Promise”, in his Expressions page, then you know the plot behind that terrific story and that his big dream was to get to sing with her and her band.

And of course, he’s giving me a great opportunity and is handing the mike to me, so I can take my cut…but I’ll keep my song a secret…you know…for the “Wow” factor:)


You’ll see that Big Billy is indeed real…flesh and blood…and not just words on a page in a cancer forum…or a haunting vision from the tortured synapses of Sundance’s chemo brain:)

So, for any of you who thought that Big Billy wasn’t real…or was going away...?

Think again:)

I’ll update this thread when I’ve posted the vids. Tell Rick it will be an honor and a privilege to know that he will be watching - and we both look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Perhaps it will be ready late Sunday night, or next week…he’s got to go and clean up some more of his dad’s house as you know…but this is what he wants to do for you in his “down time.”


With fondest regards for you both.

-Big Billy

P.S. What else are friends for? Enjoy it!

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Hello dear friend, your post has touched our hearts, thank you. And true to form, when I saw this post, I muted the TV and read it to Rick. :) I now turn over the mike, um laptop, to him.


Big Billy,

Let me start with please thank Craig for us. It is difficult to express how much we appreciate his continuing insight and support. I only hope that we can provide a fraction of the benefit to him as he has selflessly given to us. I believe Craig has it wrong in this case. The honor belongs to us. Cynthia and I eagerly await the arrival of the 2 videos that you have announced for this weekend. I read Craig's "The Promise" post on his "Expressions" page. This duet with Allison Krauss is the culmination of a major project that Craig has devoted all of his resources toward. Speaking for the "semi-colon family", it is our honor that Craig chooses to share these videos with us.

So, yes, you are welcome to invite the community to share the experience, and thank Craig again for us. We sincerely appreciate the honor he has bestowed upon us.


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The first entertainment programming has been uploaded to The SundanceChannelCH on the YouTube network this evening:)

And just in time for Prime Time Saturday Nite too!

Tonight's featured entertainer is none other than our own homegrown - Big Billy:)

"You Like Him - You Love Him - You Want Some More of Him!"


BB pays tribute and honors the legendary Man In Black - Johnny Cash...

We're going back to 1969...this is one of Craig's favorites...mine too...and we hope it's one of yours too..."Folsom Prison Blues"

Here is the link to the video - "Enjoy The Show"


Note: The other video got corrupted and did not load, so this is the only one...Craig got bumped off his own channel:)


Oh well, we'll schedule it for next time on The Sundance Channel - Story Matters Here.

Catch ya'll on the Flip-Flop!

-Big Billy:)

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Congrats on your wonderful performance!

You picked one of my all time favorite singers...Mr. Johnny Cash and his big hit. The only other song of his which hits so high in my book is May the Circle Be Unbroken.

I very much enjoyed your efforts with only one comment...lower the mike a tad so we can see your handsome face better!

Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope Craig manages to re-record the other...No body bumps our Craig...no body!

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Hey buddy! Rick really needed a smile tonight, so thank you for such a great performance - it was just what the doctor ordered! :-)

Big Hugs to Big Billy ((()))

Cynthia and Rick

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Loved it. great job and you looked liked you were having fun. yay!!!
hugs, Judy

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Loved it, just enjoyed it very much!!! Big grin on my face as my head nodded to the beat of the music. Thanks hun.
Winter Marie

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you got it goin on Big Billy,loved it and loved your song choice.i needed that today thanks....Godbless...johnnybegood

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((((Craig)))) :) :)

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