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Pressure following surgery?

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My dad had a total gastrectomy and partial esophagectomy at the beginning of August. He was in the hospital for ten days and then came home for a few days before he came down with pneumonia and they found a leak between his esophagus and small intestine. He was in the hospital for another 3 weeks and finally came home almost three weeks ago. He's been given the ok to drink liquids but has not been able to handle even water. He complains of intense "pressure" in his abdomen that sometimes reaches into his throat. This pressure is so painful for him that he often just lays moaning in his recliner. He had a chest exray done which came back fine. The doctors haven't been able to suggest much. He takes oxycodin for the pain but that doesn't seem to provide enough relief. Has anyone dealt with this "pressure" feeling? He also suffers from intense heartburn even though he is only getting nutrition through his feeding tube.

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I don't have any answers, but I do know my husband experienced all sorts of difficulties following his Ivor Lewis. He was in the hospital a month. Came home with feeding tube for awhile. Had trouble with water. We had to reduce his intake by mouth of water to a couple of tablespoons at a time.

Each patient responds differently. Some lucky ones experience little problem. My husband had a bunch of problems that were pretty bad but still others had it much worse. He had to be on pain killer, pain patches, whatever. Slowly, with moments of regression, then slowly forward, until after seven months or so of recovery, he started to feel better. He is two years post op and enjoying himself. He can never forget, however, that he must watch what he eats and how much he eats.

Has the jtube "slipped"? if that is possible. I don't know. Is his colon evacuating properly. Keep a log of his water intake, the time it takes for the pressure to build and how long before it releases. Note the frequency and time of the pressure's presence. Maybe you can see a pattern.

You can tell I don't know much. Hopefully, others with more knowledge will give you their thoughts. Hang in there. Your still in the throes of the detour of your journey to wellness.

Keep us posted. BMGky

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BMGky, your post encouraged us to know there is hope. You are ahead of us in this journey, so how is it going? WE are in month 9, and still he suffers very much as you described. We hold on to the hope of being "2 years post op and enjoying himself". thanks for posting.

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Didn't want this post to go unnoticed. Not sure what is going on here but from what is described, I would bring him back in. No one should have to deal with that pain! Do they have him on any acid reflux meds? After all this time, is he able to or has he been given the go ahead to take in solids? Where was his surgery performed?

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They have started him on omeprazole which has helped a little. He also sucks on tums which seems to help. His heartburn always seems to be lurking though. Maybe this will improve with time? He was given the go-ahead for clear liquids about a week and a half ago. Doctor said he can progress to regular liquids and soft foods a few days ago. The first week he barely drank anything because it would send him into choking fits and cause him to wretch violently. Things seem to have improved in the last two days. He has been taking small sips of liquid and was even able to keep down some oatmeal, jello, and some soft pears. He had his surgery done at Mayo Rochester by Dr. Deschamps. He is going back on Thursday to get his last drainage tube removed so maybe the doctor can suggest something then for the pressure.

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He did my surgery at the end of July.. Nice man and gifted surgeon. You chose a good one. God Bless.

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