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Has anyone had some good success with Topetecan? I was doing well on the Doxil and then the cancer got smart to it and it stopped working for me. I had 1 treatment of Topotecan but my blood levels were too low for a second treatment. In the meantime I got an obstruction in my bowels and just spent 5 days in the hospital trying to clear the line. I was released on Tuesday and found out that I now have another compression fracture in a new vertabrae (L-1). I just had a Kyphopasty surgery 4 weeks ago for my L-3. So I am in pain but had another chemo treatment on Wed. My Dr lowered the dose and is giving me Nuprogen shots every day for 4 days after the treatment to keep my white cell count boosted. My CA 125 is currently over 2000 and it worries me alot because that is what is causing the obstructions in my bowels. The disease is on the outside of the colon and preventing the normal parastalsis to occur to keep things moving. We are hoping that the Topotecan will start knocking down the cancer again and get my CA125 down to a manageable level. Hoping to hear some good success stories with the Topetcan!!!

Sending days filled with sunshine and positive energy to you all!

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I haven't had topetecan as yet, it's next up for me if the cisplatin/gemzar stops being effective. I wanted to shoot that positive energy back your way and also send along my best wishes.
((((HUGS))) Maria

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I don't have any personal experience with topetecan but wanted you to know that I'm sending lots of prayers your way that topetecan kicks your cancer's butt!

Take care,


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