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PET scan results encouraging

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The report reads like this......."The PET/CT scan findings are consistent with interval improvement of disease from the patient's reported history of breast cancer." I'm not cancer free but it looks like all lesions have decreased in size. I received another infusion of Ixempra yesterday and hopefully it will continue to obliterate those cancer cells. I think back to July 26th when I sat in the corner and cried because I was starting back on chemo and now almost three months later I sat proud with a smile on my face (at least until the benadryl put me to sleep).


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I am so very happy for you Jamie. I am not cancer free but I also had some decrease, even one mm here and another one there. It is so much better than progression.

Hope all is well with the side effects too.


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I was thinking about you and wondering where you were. This is the best news I've heard in a while. So much going on in everyone's lives here. It is great to hear "improvement of disease" (what a way to put it huh?) I remember when you almost quit. So stinkin' glad you didn't!


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Jamie -- This is great news! I pray and wish, with all my heart, this recovery continues. And you end this journey soon to start a whole new life again. Sending you big hugs.

New Flower
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Good results as hard as it has been for Chemo is working
I am glad that you took another Chemo infusion

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So glad you continued on with treatment!
Lots of hugs,

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