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It's a little gross.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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So with the shingles in left eye, I haven't been able to touch my face from my left cheekbone up over my forehead and back onto my scalp. That entire quarter of my head was completely off limits...accidental touches (and sometimes nothing) would set off a firestorm of debilitating excruciating pain. All the nerves simply burned.

Well, that area is better. There is still lots of nerve activity, but I can at least touch my eyebrow and forehead.

So the gross part...I finally decided to wash my entire head and face after about a month of avoiding that left area and spot cleaning. You would not believe the amount of dead skin!!! It literally balls up on my fingers as I wash. YUK!!! But I am very thankful to have a clean face now...and moisturizer too! Bonus!



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I just posted about all over body pain and the first relief I have had in 8 months. I am taking Lyrica which is a wonder drug (and NOT a narcotic!). I looked, and noticed it is also used for treating the pain from shingles. Just thought I'd pass that along.

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I don't think that is gross at all, but I'm an NP ;-). Seriously, I am just thrilled that you have a clean face and that you are getting better.

Now that you are getting better, you have to take extra good care of yourself! That means flu shot (if your doc ok's it), lots of handwashing and/or hand sanitizer and making sure that everyone in the family knows to avoid you if they even feel like they are getting the sniffles! Give your immune system time to recover.

And learn from me and avoid bean sprouts, raw veggies and fruits, etc.

Just sooooo happy you are doing better :-) That is just wonderful and I am grinning ear to ear!

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Oh dear Linda I am so glad it is dulling a bit! My husband has shingles on the left side of his face and head (did not get on the eye thankfully)about a year ago. I remember how challenging it was for him, just the fact that he missed work spoke volumes. Very pleased for you that you are now able to gently wash and moisturize as I am sure it is a great relief!



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Glad you're doing better. How did you do it-go so long without touching? I would have been itching like crazy where you're not suppose to touch- like when you're not suppose to move and you get an itch (or need to sneeze). You're quite an inspiration!


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the agony/torture you've endured .. my sweet Sister. My heart sinks at the thought of not being able to touch half of you face for over a month! I don't have any words .. all I can say is ... WOW, you are so COURAGEOUS!

Your journey has been a tough one -- so many of us have no idea. So, all I can offer
you is prayer, hope and positive thoughts. Hoping the worst is behind you, dear
Beloved Sister, Linda.

Happy dead cell removal, and lots of moisturizer! I pray, this never happens to
you ever, again.

I am in awe of you, Linda -- keep up your strength, and fight, fight, fight.

Gentle hugs and pain free days,

Vicki Sam

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Bella Luna
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Linda... it must have felt like a luxury to be able to wash after having to avoid your face and head because of the pain. It sounds like the pain is growing less, which is wonderful news! I am happy that you are doing better and so pleased to see you posting. Big hugs to you.

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I have three kids, that is not gross. I'm glad you were finally able to feel better by getting nice and clean. I can't imagine how you were able to do it. You are amazing.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Thank you all!! Yes, it was/is quite luxurious to finally clean and moisturize. And I am so happy to be getting better...it's a long haul but I am slowly getter over this shingles sh!!.

I went to my son's football game yesterday, tired after but happy to get out and watch him play. So yes, I am getting stronger. Yeah!!



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I've really been missing to long off the boards,but anyhow,how is everything else going with you,no it wasn't gross about your shingles and i don't think it would be to most of us cause we're "mostly" women on here and we've all had children,that doesn't bother us. lol glad your feeling better and able to go out with your kids. take care ~~MollyZ~~

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We're just happy your feeling better :)

And gosh, that long awaiting bath is such a luxery after days of not having one. I remeber after a really intense surgery with dangling drains, taking that first bath without them was WONDERFUL.


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I'm so HAPPY for you!
Thank Goodness your feeling a bit better.
Lots of Hugs...Karie

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and sounding better. I hope you know that you are helping and teaching all of us with your posts--how to be strong, deal with whatever, and carry on. I so do admire you and get strength and courage from you.

Take good care. I'm glad you're getting to start doing the things you love (your son's game).

Love and hugs, Renee

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The gross part is the shingles, this infection should be outlawed. Are you able to have the vaccine to prevent it ever returning? You did have them in the worst place one can have them. I had a friend who had shingles in the eye.

I had shingles twice, at age 24 and then at 46. When I was 24 years old, I told the doctor that I could not possibly have shingles only old people had them. I learned quickly that there was no age limit on shingles. I am in the middle of having another go round with fibromyalgia. At first, I thought it might be shingles but then it the pain was on both sides of my body. Another fun disorder, this is my 4th bout with it and hoping to be my last. Reading your post and having a return of fibromyalgia I've decided that I am going to have the vaccine in November when I see my primary care doctor.

I wish you a quick recovery or as quick as shingles allows.


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