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Cautious optimism

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I have had double vision since September, headaches have been added to the mix also. I needed to stop working because I am in pain and vision problems. First MRI of brain showed nothing (there is brain matter!) second MRI of orbit showed scar tissue. Cancer surgeon thought he saw a mass not scar tissue, sent to opthamologist--MRI was not available yet. Biopsy was supposed to be scheduled with both doctors. PET scan showed nothing--oh, hot spot in tonsil area. Next week I will have a biopsy with the opthamologist. I will be under general, 1 1/2 hour proceedure and a week recovery. Post op Nov. 2nd. Hopefully something will be found to help guide the way. Oh, by the way, previous two cancers did not show up on PET.

Taking it day by day.

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hopefully they will be able to give you some information to work with. I also hope and pray its something that can be resolved quickly. Sorry you are dealing with more issues, sometimes enough is enough. You will be in our prayers.

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My mother had double vision suddenly at age 65. Then her eye actually began to bulge out. Workup found a mass in her orbit. Biopsy found sarcoid, a completely benign process. A few months of steroids and it all went away. Mom is now 88 years old. Proving you never know till you know. Heres wishing you the best.


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prayers that they find scar tissue or like LTS's mom, a sarcoid....something that can be dealt with that just takes meds....I'll go with you on the cautious optomism train :).


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“Day by day”, that’s one of the H&N warrior mottos. I want to go with something simple and treatable.



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Pam M
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Hoping that not only does biopsy show no cancer, but that it also can pinpoint your issue, so your docs can quickly get it behind you. Hoping the 2nd comes quickly for you.

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D Lewis
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Day by day is the best way to go. Let me know if I need to come down there.


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and thank you Deb. I will be going over to Stanford Tuesday for pre-op. I will stay with my sister, the drive is not good for the head pain. Probably stay at my sister's after biopsy Thursday, 1 1/2 hour proceedure and 5 day recovery, post op Nov. 2. Hopefully a dx and treatment plan.

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Hey there !
I really want to wish you luck on everything you're going through. I'm so glad you have family (sister) to count on. I will be thinking of you through all of it, and wishing for an awsome outcome ! Katie

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I have so many people that care for me. Family, friends, cyber-friends, prayer groups too many to list. My husband is great, and makes wonderful smoothies, he is always looking at adapting recipe's for my taste (or lack thereof, no spices please!) and cutting into small pieces. My sister has been awesome, she is an organizer and wonderful note taker. During my first recovery she had just had hip surgery (we were the hip/lip sisters) she felt so bad not to be able to physically be there for me but emotionally, we talked daily (sometimes more than once a day). I attribute my ability to speak so well to our phone conversations (therapy).

Hip, hip hooray to Caregivers!

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Sending prayers your way

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