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The Bus Ride....

cureitall66's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

Hi All,

Well we just completed week 2 today!

We've been trying to prepare for the BUS RIDE. We started out in the front seat....we have now moved toward the middle with some symptoms starting to show up.(sores in mouth, sore throat, dry mouth, lack of taste and saliva)But, we are getting by. We know we will be to the back of the bus by the end of treatment and maybe after....but we know there are seats to move up into...one day at a time.

So glad to have some wonderful friends that are either riding the bus or have gotten off the bus and still on here to give us support. I know someday we will be DRIVING that BUS and are determined to fight through this.

I'm really liking the analogy here...it's helping with my mind right now. : )

Thinking of all of you out there too!

God Bless us all.

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comes to mind. Watch the speedometer, keep it above 50, steady as you go, find that loop and stay the couse, piece of cake, just another time around...

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You've got a classic on your hands....this bus has carried us all from beginning to end without breaking down. YOU can be the driver... :)

By next week you'll be looking at the 1/2 mark of radiation treatments....it's a celebration of sorts....every day, closer and closer to the end of treatment...Glad you're sticking to the one day at a time....that's the only way to do it...


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Jealous...you have finished you're second week while we are just finishing our first. Glad you are "staying the course" as an ex president used to always say. One day at a time and we are not far behind you.

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this Bus is a classic and its open to new drivers when the time comes, so no need to go to the back of the Bus stay up front, heck just drive it. This Bus has a good track record of NEDs at the end of the route so thats a good thing as well. One day at a time is the reality of this disease and its treatments so you have that down pat.

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Why do I suddenly have The Who's song "Magic Bus" in my head??

One day at a time.... This will all be over before you know it.

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Hi cureitall66,

I am not positive , but I think (while you feel “back of the bus”) everyone rides in the front, because this truly is a “Magic Bus” If you look closely you can see where Phrannie and Ditto 1 left finger impressions on the seat backs. It’s rough and bumpy, but you can do it. Heck, you are doing it.



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That's where you are right now and will be for a few weeks....

Round and Round....GroundHog Days...Round and Round

Same thing every day, over and over....

Before you know it, you'll be on the down side of the hill.

OOOoooohhhh, and BTW, it's Friday....take the week-end off and forget this stuff for a few days.

Thoughts and Prayers Buddy Girl...


cureitall66's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

I'll be singing it all weekend John...while I'm getting my next care basket and recipes together for my patient.

Hoping to get a good movie in at home and relax too!

.....you ROCK my friend... : )

cureitall66's picture
Posts: 912
Joined: Aug 2012

You guys are all truly THE BUS DRIVERS!

Thank you for taking good care of your passengers!! : )

VivianLee5689's picture
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I am so glad you have finished week two. That is a big accomplishment. I am glad you are keeping yourself in a good place. Take care of yourself. I know that I haven't done such a good job of that and I was starting to pay the price. I finally broke down, after David's prodding, and my dance instructor's pleas and went to dance last night. It was only two hours, but it was so great to see people, get hugs and just smile and dance. My problems didn't go away, but it was so nice to do something normal and have people I love and care about me share time. So I am hoping you are taking care of yourself as well.

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Posts: 912
Joined: Aug 2012

I really look forward to my Sunday's. I feel so at peace when I am at my church. It is a reassurance that I really need close to me. It carries me through my week. It restores my faith to keep going and get through the days one day at a time.

I'm so glad you took that time for yourself. I say wherever you get that peace, even if it's for a little while, to grab a hold of it.

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