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Mum not with us anymore

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Hi all!
Especially you that have been on the list for a while and know about my journey with my mum and her PPC stag IV. Mum passed away last sunday with all her family around her at hospital after an infection and intestines not working anymore probably due to lying in bed for the last month. Mum hade a very brave battle with her PPC but in the end she gave in mentally and couldn´t take it anymore I think. She did 8 rounds with carbo/taxol last year and was doing better but her measurements and how much taken she was from chemo treatment gave that the doctors could not give her more chemo.

She still stayed with us frpm february to october without treatment and we did the most of her time left, travelling to Bangkok, Florence and Malta with us family and friends and she had a last summer up north in Sweden, her most cherished place on earth. Mum was 63. Me, daughter, 42.

I have hard time to deal with the fact that she is gone too early and that my unconditionally loving mum is not here to comfort me when I need it the most.

I hope you all on this list will continue your journey with PPC and that treatment will keep your PPC at bay for as long as possible. Thank you all for your loving support, comments and knowing answers to my questions.

Sophie, Sweden

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Dear Sophie, I am so very sorry to hear your much loved mum has passed away, I am sending you much love and hugs, you did all you could to make your mums last months very happy ones and I am sure you both cherished those times together


Best Friend
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My biggest fear is this. I know what u mean about ur mom not being there to comfort you. I only worry about her just not being there to talk to. As u get older u become close because u are starting to go through wht she has been through. As a mom i know i would never want to leave my daughter.
I can't say anything to make you feel better but you spent some time with her where she was enjoying her favorite things. Travel and being with her family. My best friend just died of cancer. And i am frequently talking to her up above. I am not one for religion but i feel she is listening to me. So talk to her. You will still feel more relxed after u talk to her and have a good cry . And soon u will be telling her good things and not just how much u r hurting. She will stay with you.

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So sorry to hear of your dear Mum's passing. Sending you hugs and love. Certainly she was too young but this dreadful disease does not discriminate. Treasure your memories. It sounds as though you did lots of wonderful things together this last year and had many special times together. Stay in touch.

Julie, Australia

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So very sorry to hear you lost your mother. Tho I didn't have the pleasure of knowing you & your family, we are all united in our struggle against this disease. Hope you can find peace in the many happy memories of all you shared with her.

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Dear Sophie ... You are very much in my thoughts. I shed tears at your message. When my mum left us,I thought the world had ended but then I thought that she would always be with me in my heart and nobody could take that from me.

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