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8 weeks post OP

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HI !!! I have a ton of questions ! I am a 40 yr old female 8 weeks post op for Left partial RCC T1G2 clear cell no sarcamoid feature tumor.
What do you suggest be a normal follow up schedule for imaging. My urologist suggests ultrasound at 6 mo then CT scan yearly for 5 years with ultrasound every 6mo. I dont want to start glowing in the dark but waiting a year seems scary to me for my 1st scan. I have not had a scan to check for mets, my initial scans were of pelvis only, no lungs or brain.

Every little pain/ ache scares me. I have had a sharp stabbing pain in my head 3 weeks...when is being a hypochondriac not being a hypochondriac? Should I push to have possibility of mets ruled out now? It was a stage 2 only so I would think that would be remote. Should I really push this issue and get lung/ head baseline? MRI or CT ?

I have had major feelings of pressure in my left side more at night which wakes me up and more so when it rains( LOL) I know I am only 8 weeks out but my side gets hard and sticks out during these pressure episodes. Normal swelling?

I had some complications post-op. I needed a foley for a week and my bowels shut down, so I was in hospital for a week longer than expected. I have also had an ongoing UTI since and just finished antibiotics for the 4th course.
I went to a Sloan Kettering conference last weekend and learned a great deal but its still not the same as discussion forums !! Thanks guys


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The follow up seems a little on the light side for Stage 2. How large was yout tumor? I am a little surprised a chest xray was not included pre surgery. These are my thoughts. Possibly fokkow up with an Oncologist or at least get a second opinion.


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Ya know come to think of it I DID have a cXR pre-op. OMG I would have never remembered. I imagine the surgeon will have those results. I will get a hold of them to put in the file.
Thanks for ratteling the brain !!! oh it was 3.2 cm at its largest diameter margins clear


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....for whatever it's worth.

My surgery was this past July. I had a 5cm tumor and had a right radical done.
Post op was smooth sailing.
My path was stage 1 Grade 1, clear margins.

My urologist has ordered a 3 month ultrasound and CXR. This didn't seem enough for me.

I have spoken to a few other oncologists and the consensus is a CT and CXR at least 3x for the first few years and then we'll see. I'm bout ready to have the first tests in a few weeks. So I'm cancelling my tests and appt with my surgeon and going with another
onc- doctor.

The only issue I'm juggling with is whether or not to have a 2nd opinion on my path report and have someone else review my slides.

My recommendation, as a non-medical professional, would be to go have a CT scan at this stage, just to alleviate your fears for another few years.

God Bless!!

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Hi Jenn,

At only 8 weeks post op most of your aches and pains are probably still related to your surgery, and stress, especially since you had complications. The feelings of hypochondria are very normal, we all seem to have them to one degree or another, "You have cancer" tends to stick in your brain for quite awhile. Some here have used anti-anxiety medication with good result, you might consider it. In any case a trip to the doc or a consult of some kind with a professional is warranted even if only to voice your concerns and gain some peace of mind.

My tumor was small with about the best pathology anyone could ask for. Follow-up was Ct at 6mos, 1yr, 2yr, and in December I'll have my 3yr. I expect my doc to tell me that I don't need any more scans (he said this last year) so I may skip the 4yr and have one at 5yrs, I'm not ready to drop the safety net completely just yet.

Hang in there,


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Great advice TY !!! I will def. look into pushing things sooner. I have had my fill of doctors and am not really happy with the medical proffession right now. I had odd symptoms for 23 mo that where blown off now realizing it was paraneoplastic syndrome (all symptoms gone after CA removal) I am pretty pissed and really want to move past all this, but I do see I need to finish and tie up some loose ends and get a clearer path one that I am 100% comfortable with.
Monday I am getting out my IVC filter I had placed a few days before the partial. That is a BIG part of moving forward and I welcome it even though its another procedure and overnight stay. Maybe I will have them scan me up while there ;-) LOL

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