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Doxil - my first round

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Well I have now completed my first round of Doxil (Caelyx in Australia) and had my second treatment today.

Having had 3 x CA125 tests increase 21 to 209 to 360 to 459 (the last being 6 days after my first infusion!!!) - 5th to 24th September - I was delighted that my result this week, at the end of the 4 weeks from infusion, was 382 so a small but fabulous drop!

I must say I have had very little in the way of side effects - a tiny bit of nausea but great drugs kept that at bay. The worst was the peripheral neuropathy in my feet. My feet feel as if I have been walking on hot coals! However if that is the price of falling CA125 results I am prepared to put up with that! I am having reflexology and foot massage and have been recommended to use cocoa butter and deep heat creams and have just started them so will report if I find it helps or not.

I was due to have my treatment on Wednesday but my white blood cell count was too low so I was given an injection of newpogen and that increased my levels sufficiently to have Doxil today.

Having felt somewhat depressed 3 weeks ago about the success of this chemo I am now back to being very positive and upbeat about it! Consequently I am a much happier girl!!! Our first grandbaby is due in 3 weeks so much to look forward to and enjoy and thankfully wonderfully supportive family and friends help me to get through this.

Love to all

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