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Doxil - my first round

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Well I have now completed my first round of Doxil (Caelyx in Australia) and had my second treatment today.

Having had 3 x CA125 tests increase 21 to 209 to 360 to 459 (the last being 6 days after my first infusion!!!) - 5th to 24th September - I was delighted that my result this week, at the end of the 4 weeks from infusion, was 382 so a small but fabulous drop!

I must say I have had very little in the way of side effects - a tiny bit of nausea but great drugs kept that at bay. The worst was the peripheral neuropathy in my feet. My feet feel as if I have been walking on hot coals! However if that is the price of falling CA125 results I am prepared to put up with that! I am having reflexology and foot massage and have been recommended to use cocoa butter and deep heat creams and have just started them so will report if I find it helps or not.

I was due to have my treatment on Wednesday but my white blood cell count was too low so I was given an injection of newpogen and that increased my levels sufficiently to have Doxil today.

Having felt somewhat depressed 3 weeks ago about the success of this chemo I am now back to being very positive and upbeat about it! Consequently I am a much happier girl!!! Our first grandbaby is due in 3 weeks so much to look forward to and enjoy and thankfully wonderfully supportive family and friends help me to get through this.

Love to all

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I am so happy that your CA 125 dropped to 382! Any downward movement in your number is significant and terrific news! I'm so sorry you have to deal with the neuropathy but at the same time, it sounds like your chemo is doing its job and you're on your way to kicking cancer's butt!

Congratulations on the impending arrival of your first beloved grandbaby. It's always so wonderful to be able to look forward to such happy events, with the support of loving family and friends.

Best wishes to you -


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I love your number drop and your beautiful, positive smile. I've had Doxil and you're doing the right things for those feet. Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby. My youngest granddaughter was born while I was in the hospital with my debulking surgery.... that was 6 1/2 years ago! I'm so glad that you have supportive family and friends and now you've found lots more.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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