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Does anyone else receive a visit summary each visit?

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A few months ago my clinic started requiring that they give each patient a visit summary (beginning with the first visit ever made there) at each visit. This seems like a waste of paper to me. If you give 5 days in a row, you receive the same thing. They didn't give me one when I went for lab work Monday. I received one in the mail today, which I just shredded.

Does anyone else receive one? I'm wondering if it has something to do with the new health care law? I asked the chemo nurses and they had no idea. Many patients feel as I do that what' the purpose (unless I suppose someone requested one). That much paper and ink is VERY costly.

Just wondering,


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Hi Carla,

Actually, I've never received anything in writing from my oncologist, including my six chemo treatments, once-a-month port flush appointments, and every-three-month blood tests (CA 125 test). One time I requested the results from my CA 125 in writing. After that, I decided to have them just call me with the number and I could jot the number down in a folder I keep, to reduce the paper on my end.

I'm not sure what's going on at your clinic but someone there must know why they started distributing paper visit summaries. Maybe you can formally decline to receive them, or only receive the ones you request? I agree that all of that paper and ink must be costly, plus we're losing more trees. At least you have access to a shredder!


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One patient did not want one. The nurse said they were required to give you one. She said you could start a fire with it or whatever you wanted to do.

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I just started getting these in the past few months. Are there new rules or guidelines in place? (((HUGS))) Maria

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The same thing is going on at our clinic and I believe the Dr said it was a new requirement. I just signed up for "mychart" and now will have access to all my medical records electronically and they won't be sending me any paper. There will be a note dropped into my email every time they add new items to my chart such as blood work test results, new appointments for chemo and Dr visits etc. It also allows to me to send a note directly to any of my physicians at the Clinic and they will respond with in 48 hrs max. It is very convienient and you can view all your history of appointments, tests results, meds etc.
I am very happy that it is all paperless now. You may want to check with your clinic to see if they can set you up on a paperless path.

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