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We are running parallel... But I get MY one year scans on Halloween! LOL! Hmmmmm.....

Just a little story.. The day after my Mom passed away I stopped at KMart for printer paper. You know how you always have reams of copy paper until you need it? Anyway, I was pushing my basket around the office supplies and something kept tickling my ankle. I looked down and a ribbon was wrapped around my leg..... Attached was a HUGH YELLOW SMILEY FACE BALLON! No other balloons anywhere in the area...... I chose to think my Mom was telling me she is fine.... I bought my very first Mylar balloon!

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Thats so cool, I think I mentioned how my family associates dragonflys with my mom (who died 7yrs ago). Dragonflys, sometimes real sometimes a picture, figurine, toy, etc. show up randomly and make my day! Hope you are doing well, good luck with scan. As always, all in my prayers.

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I have a different story but kind of the same. I was dreaming about my mother and in the dream asked her if she was at "Heaven's Gate". Just at that moment, my husband and I awoke to loud knocking - six loud knocks at the end of our bed. The only thing we could attribute it to was the puppy, Lucy, trying to chew on some baseboard at the bottom of our bed. Even so, it felt like Momma telling me yes, she was all right. Isn't it wonderful to get these kinds of "signs."

All the best and Happy Halloween!!! That has a new meaning, doesn't it?


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Knocking huh? Sounds like something MY Mom would do! Hugs, Lori

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