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Scan Tomorrow Morning

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Last year my doctor told me this year it wasn't necessary for a scan and it would be up to me, so last month just to make sure, confirmed it with her through a phone call and said if you want me to have one I'll do it, well she said again it wasn't necessary. Then yesterday when she walked into the room she said "no scan." Uggggg, furious is an understatement and think she could tell so again asked her if you want me to get one I'll do it but it would have been better if it could have been done prior to me seeing you because just coming to see you makes me anxious so she stated again well we will wait until next year then. Thought about it all yesterday and this morning and then called her office, talked to her nurse and stated how yesterday's appointment left me questioning myself, the whole doctor's appointment and the scan. So long story even longer, I'm going tomorrow morning for a scan. If you could please keep me in your prayers, good vibes and thoughts for normal results it would be much appreciated. Ativan looks like it's in the picture right about now.


Cathleen Mary
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Congratulations...you advocated for yourself! Good for you. Prayers for a clear scan.

Cathleen Mary

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You're doing the right thing. Even though you have a few stressful days ahead of you, in the end you'll be happy you went ahead with the scan. If Ativan helps, make sure you take it. Do what you have to do to get through the next few days (until you get the good news).

Goof luck!

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Best wishes for your scan tomorrow....all will be well :)

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ahhh what a week

good for you ....yes all will be well....


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Hugs and good vibes are headed your way.

Luv Ya,


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Ill be thinking about you and praying your scans turn out great. Jeff

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God bless you!

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You gotta do what makes you comfortable. I'm sure all will be well, you're in my prayers.

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My motto "never trust a doctor's opinion". Good for you if I hadn't learned through a series of doctor mistakes and outright incompetence I would be dead long ago. You absolutely have to be your own best friend when it comes to your health. Hugs and good luck Lou

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all the best to you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you have results?


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Posted a seperate post last week. I'm NED and thanks for asking.

Hugs! Kim

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Sorry, with stuff going on with my family's health lately, I haven't stayed caught up on here. Glad you're okay!!!


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Nana b
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Hate that kind of treatment, we will just wait until next year! Oh, my! Glad you are getting your scan!

Big Hug and prayers coming your way!!

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The scan will give you peace of mind. We are here supporting you. You are always here for others. Prayers, NB

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