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The latest on Abrub/Alice....

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I saw the breast surgeon today. Her comments: "Wow, I don't remember the last time I saw a hematoma that large. It looks like I stomped on your chest with a boot in the OR." I guess now she believes that I wasn't being overly dramatic yesterday when I called in a panic about the size. (My right breast looks like a gigantic purple eggplant. I was "well-endowed" to start with; to have my right side double its normal size and bright purple is quite a sight to behold.)

That being said, she examined me thoroughly and said that all looks good. She doesn't know why there is still some bleeding, particularly as it is not from the incision site, but rather from the needle sites for the wire placements, but I should watch it.

She does want to track me closely, and has me coming back in on Monday. We're still waiting for the pathology report, which she's hoping for any day now.

I'm sore, and started to react to Oxycodone last night, so now we've eliminated another of the few pain meds I can take. I can't take any NSAIDs as long as I'm still bleeding.

However, I feel better having been checked out, and knowing that while not common, my recovery was still considered normal.

Thanks for all your support.

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look at an eggplant the same! ;-) Glad you got at least some peace of mind that your uncommon, yet normal. Best wishes and prayers for good news. Hugs, Dan

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oh alice....good grief....so so sorry you had to have this "blow up" oucchh

good for you for checking it out.....wish that pathology would drift in

hang on darling girl......


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At first I thought you said "I saw the BEST surgeon today".
My eyes aren't what they used to be....
Glad things are basically OK...
Get better, OK?


Brenda Bricco
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Hoping for the best path report and so sorry that you have the swelling.
GOD's blessings to you.

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and hope the recovery goes smoothly. Hope for good path results too.

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I really hope things improve for you.

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I hope you get back to normal soon. It is so crazy how our bodies react to things. Stay strong. Jeff

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gentle Higgs going out to you Alice.... Purple boobs are not a good thing! Hopefully they will have your results for you soon...the wait is sometimes the hardest part of any tests.


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"A picture's worth a thousand words"!


(just sayin')

Best hopes for the eggplant (and you),


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Bad man. ;-)

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Funny! You have maintained your sense of humor - it sure helps, doesn't it?

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Feel sorry for my delay in answer any of your posts about this matter, but I been in certain troubles lately too!,( nothing important but stressing ).
Have a big hug from here.sending vibes and prayers for a very fast healing my friend!

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Maybe for Halloween you could put on a green catsuit with the purple breast exposed and go as an eggplant vine.

Hope your recovery improves and the pain and discoloration fade quickly.

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Doc...you have the very best ideas.....lol double lol and

you are THE BEST Alice


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Still holding hands until you also get through this bump in the road. So sorry you had to do many more tests and procedures but prayers for good results and you will have no doubts you are OK.

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That sounds painful Alice!! Hope it isn't. Here's to a less purple, less swollen breast in your future!!!
OMGosh girl, I would so be freaking if I woke up to an eggplant breast, glad you are the calmer type.
Thinking of you,
Winter Marie

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i hope it improves rapidly so you can feel better! so sorry you are going thru this but the great news is that there is no cancer!

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