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Discharge planning

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Thought I would update people on my progress. Am now a month postop from the hemipelvectomy and pelvic clearance for the recurrence of rectal cancer. Am now at the point where I am planing for discharge on Monday. Attended my discharge planning meeting today and is all coming together well. Am getting pretty mobile on crutches though sitting remains a challenge due to pain and balance. Can do an hour in the wheelchair now though which is an improvement. Managing my colostomy and urostomy okay enough to feel confident can cope with them at home. Follow up will include initially coming back by ambulance twice a week for physio as well as stoma care with nurses coming in at home to do wound dressing. Leg wound a little problematic and requiring vacuum dressing so still attached to a pump for that which is a pain but hope will only be a couple more weeks of that.

Overall considering they said I would be in hospital for between 4 and 40 weeks am pleased with progress(vagueness of plan simply reflected their never having done this and risk of complications- in denmark where they had Boone twelve of these average stay was three months but many were old patients). A little anxious about the transition but that has been eased by the high level of planning and coordination that has gone into my care- even met a hospital manager and finance person yesterday who wanted to meet the patient behind all their meetings. Stair lift and wet room almost done at home and ramp for front door being finished this weekend.

All in all going well and just hope continues in this vein. Long recovery to do yet but will be pleased to be back in own surroundings.

Thanks for all the up port and messages which have helped through this time,


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So very glad to hear that you will be able to head home soon. While I am certain that you have gotten excellent care at the hospital, there is nothing like being in your own home and surrounded by family.

Your progress is truely amazing, may it continue to get better and better.

My prayers and love to you and the family as you make this next transition.


Marie who loves kitties

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what a wonderful post to wake up to. Marie is right, there is nothing like getting home. You just settle in there with a great big blanket, your kids and Kelly.

One month! that is amazing...thought you would be in hospital until Christmas....good work. I have to tell you now dear Steve i remember that weekend and nights before your surgery...hahah some sleepless nights on this forum as we held our breath waiting to hear
from you...

it is very very difficult to imagine your surgery. I think of the profound weariness I felt after a liver resection....I try to multiply that surgery and morph it into your situation but i know I can never really grasp your pain and fatigue.

Sending you home with very best wishes and love ....with any luck you will be on your computer there ....

then for your amusement you can talk to us!!! hahah

love you Doc Steve.....thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us....


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Just really incredbile, Steve!


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I am speechless. You are a true warrior.

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Being from Kansas it comes naturally to say "There's no place like home," but it's true. I'm so glad you're getting paroled (discharged) so quickly. Good for you -- and just know that you and your family remain in my prayers. Hugs, Dan

Brenda Bricco
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So glad that all is going well, going home brings some fear of wondering how the transiton will go but getting home brings so much comfort. I am so happy that you will be home soon. :)
God's blessings to you.

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I'm very impressed with your recovery from a very challenging procedure(s). But do go easy on yourself. From what I've gathered, your family is very supportive. Glad to hear you're going home to that loving support.

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enjoy being home with the wife and kids.


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hurrah! I am so glad and so relieved that soon you will be home with your family, in your transformed home. I hope and pray for a peaceful transition and strength in the days and weeks to come.

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I'm so thrilled with your progress and to think you'll be in your own home is remarkable. I pray you keep getting stronger every day. Jeff

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In the rewards of your success, enjoy the babies and the wife and the comfort of your home. You are a true inspiration!

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Woo hoo! Monday sounds wonderful! I hope your transition is a smooth and pain free one. I am sure you will be glad to be home again with your family. the kids must be exited to have you comming home again.


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All through this the continued support of this group has been invaluable even when I haven't contributed much in the last month.

Had the Kids in to visit today and was the first time I can truly say have been able to enjoy them. Up till now it has been important to do and have enjoyed moments but has also felt exhausting and difficult to have them. Now, pertly as they are more settled on visits and more that I am getting more robust, I really loved seeing them. They even looked at my leg wound and stomas with interest talking about what was now where, and did so quite comfortably. Felt was important before I hit home where they will see more of all of me. Really pleased ith how they have coped and so proud of them and my wife who has held them all together through this.

Loads of challengese yet- every little task is now a puzzle to work through from how to wash my hands standing with crutches to how sit on a normal chair without tipping off the side. Beginning to explore the world wheelchairs and aids but pleased the basics are coming together to build from.

Love to you all and thanks again for the kind words, prayers and support,

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Thanks for the update, Steve. So glad things are progressing. You have such a good team of people. But then, they have a good patient. I can't imagine having that kind of coordination where I live.
Glad the kids are doing ok. Hope that wound vac pump comes off soon. That will be a milestone, too.
Take care. Love to you and your family.

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Nothing is better than going home. Truely enjoy this!!!!

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Congrats on getting discharged for hospital so soon! You are truly a great warrior in this battle. Your upbeat attitude shines in your posts and offers hope and inspiration to us. Again, congratulations and good luck in your healing.



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better! Concerning your balance while sited ,do you know when you will be able to get a prothesis? Things will improve little by little my friend!
Have a big hug my dearest kiwi friend!

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In reality I probably can't start the process o getting a limb for at least four months- time for the wound to heal, swelling to go and atrophy of the muscle so that the stump, as it is, is stable. Will look to get a moulded seat at that time too. Any prosthesis will also be difficult to use as there is no real stump so it straps around the waist and in my case that is weakened by the two stomas. I want to try it but accept may be something I use sometimes which is common for hemipelvectomies. In the meantime am getting more stable and proficient crutches and chair,


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So glad to hear you are doing better than expected and the home front is just about ready for your return. WOW it seems so amazing ...We send our thoughts and prayers for your healing and good health.

Cathleen Mary
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I am so happy for you and for your family. This is wonderful news. So much is behind you; so much living ahead. Life will certainly have its challenges but it will also have many blessings. Thank you for letting us share in your journey....even reading your posts is a privilege.

Cathleen Mary

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Fantastic to hear that you are able to go home. chellenges are there to be met head on and I know you are able too.
You are a miracle and have shown so much strength and courage, that going home is an complete new adventure.
I also would like to send love and joy and admiration to your wife, who has been there with you through every up and down, cudoo's to her.She is a fantastic woman.
Hugs, Marjan

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Steve, that is incredible. So glad you are convalescing so well and your spirits seem great. You are amazing.

best wishes and peace


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It's wonderful to hear the planning of your return back to home. Home sweet home...no sweeter words I'm sure at this point and time.
I'm glad that the logistics are being worked out ahead of time, always good to have that game plan.
It's truly incredible what you have been through and how well you are doing. I'd love to shake the hands of your care group (doctors, surgeons, nurses etc.)for doing so well for you, we're proud of them for getting you through this and on the journey home.
I think of you often and your beautiful family and all the struggles you all have been through to get to this point. You keep on keeping on Steve.
Winter Marie

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that is great that you will be going home monday. you are a very strong man to go thru what you did & still be able to have such a great attitude! you give all of us a boost of hope! your family has been wonderful & are very precious. big hugs to all of you!!!

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You're remarkable!
Thanks for the update.
My very best to you...

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Awesome! My best to you for many many years with your loving family!

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You are truly a hero. You have a great support team which has helped you through all of this. You are a true hero and have had to make some tough decisions.

I wish you the best as you return home. Please continue to keep us posted on your progress.


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Amazing recovery! Wishing you the very best for an at home finish to your recovery process. You are a true inspiration.
My best to you and your family,

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hoping all goes well. I know it must be scary heading home under the circumstances. I hope it feels wonderful to be there once you get settled in and figure out the routine. I'll bet your family will be so happy to have you back! Many hugs~Ann Alexandria

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Hi Steve,

Great news that you are going home! How sweet that will be. And also great that the discharge planning has been so thorough.

I do recall from the times I have gone home after a relatively lengthy stay is hospital that the first day home can be a little "bitter sweet". I usually ended up in tears -- I think just from the exhaustion of the move -- and perhaps a little difficulty transition from all the support one gets in hospital. I hope your transition is as smooth and positive as possible but as others have said, do take it REAL easy on yourself, especially those first few days.

Glad the kids are doing so well. I love it when they ask questions and want to have a look-see -- so healthy.

Lots of love,

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