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New Diagnosis

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Just diagnosed last week w/triple negative BC, having a lumpectomy next thursday w/lymph node removal as well.....suggestions or advice?

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So sorry you have found yourself here. I did not have a lumpectomy, but I am sure the ladies that did will chime in soon and offer you loads of helpful advice. I will keep you in my prayers! It is a very hard thing to adjust to, but once you do wrap your mind around the fact that you have breast cancer, you will find many here that have survived this nasty disease for quite awhile!!

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My bc was ER positive so our other treatment will be different. I'm sure you'll hear from som triple negative sisters. My surgery went very well and I was back to work in a few days. The radiation did some burning but that healed as soon as I was finished. I had no chemo but with triple neg. it may be recommended. I'm 4 years out now and life is almost back to normal. I say almost because after bc, life has a whole new meaning for me. Precious!

Pick up some comfortable bras. They may recommend a sports bra after surgery but I wore a brand called "Barely There" all through my radiation.

You'll get through this. Hugs!


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sorry you hd to join us but it's a great place..I didnt' even think about looking for group until 2+ yrs after my diagnosis...

Much helpful info here and support..


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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It always makes me a little sad to welcome someone new here. No one wants to go through this, but you have found a wonderful group of people...they have literally kept me sane through my journey.

I'm also triple neg, but inflammatory breast cancer, so my treatment plan was completely different....chemo first, then all the other stuff. I wish you the best with the lumpectomy, and a speedy recovery too!



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