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scans and patience

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At our oncology visit earlier this week, my husband relayed that every meal has ended with hiccups, feeling of stuckness, burping and often vomiting. He is stage 4 and on 5fu and herceptin. He did not have the above problems prior to four weeks ago, so we are feeling that it is not post-radiation problems. His h@h also decreased from 10.2--where it has been for months to 9.7. Obviously we are thinking that the esophageal tumor has returned. He has not had a PET scan, CT scan or eus since July. At that time he was NED and planning an esophagectomy. Liver met was discovered day of surgery by CT. Our oncologist wants him to have three more rounds of chemo before scanning again. Ed has a j-tube, so would be able to meet nutritional needs solely with that but eating is still very important to him. The oncologist said an EUS might open the area. Wondering if it's my inability to handle the uncertainty of not knowing that makes an EUS sound like a good idea sooner or later. Ed is okay with waiting--it's his call obviously. We were told he had possibly six months to live,although reading this board reinforces that no one really can predict with certainty. As he deals with the fatigue and nausea from the chemo. I am wondering if six more weeks of chemo. is what we should be doing. If the tumor is back and that aggressive would we choose to spend six precious weeks dealing with a treatment that is not working? On the other hand, could an eus have a bleeding complication? I am just so confused and unssure of decision-making process. Ed has wanted to remain pretty detached from information gathering, talking to the doctor etc...This time he was more engaged, so I didn't ask the above questions not wanting to interupt his interaction with our oncologist. Is there a time when the caregiver needs to try to let go and just have things happen as they will? I know he is the one living through this and would never want to over ride his wishes. This post probably makes no sense--maybe just overthinking it all tonight. Betsy

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I have been feeling the same way. Confused, over thinking but I am just looking for answers and facts. Get second opinion if you have not yet. My husband has also not been very involved with his situation, I am the one looking for facts. I need to do and explore every possible option out there, so at the end I know I did every thing I could.

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Hello, I don't post much I am an older member who lost her father to this beast we know as EC.

Just want to pass this info along, my dad to had these symptoms and the cancer was progressing. I am not saying that is happening in your case but want you to get this info out to you so that you can be informed and get ahead of this beast!!! If they can get you on another teatment option and keep the cancer at bay it will be your best option, knowledge is power so PUSH for that scan, don't take no for an answer. My prayers are with you.

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