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Anyone out there have experience with getting rid of the hiccups. Larry has had them for nearly 20 hours now. They gave him prescription for Baclofen. He has taken only 2 doses so far so maybe it will take time to kick in. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if you found anything helpful.

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I had hiccups shortly after I started Irinotecan + Taxotere and they lasted several days for about 20 hours a day. By the time I got my prescription of Baclofen they went away and never came back.

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20 hours of hiccups sounds terrible I hope those meds kick in!

I have had hiccups for two years. I only get them occasionally throughout the day, but they're pretty violent. I had them once for about 12 hours straight and it kicked off a back spasm that was extremely painful. This happened in the hospital after my second surgery. They did use vallium to stop them but this is a highly addictive drug. And getting off of it can be very difficult and dangerous.

I have tried different meds but with bad side effects. The docs say that Thorazine will work but I have no desire to be a zombie. they use this to tranquilize pych patients.

I have had some success with a natural supplement called Kava Kava. Also one named Muscle Relax which is valarian root, skullcap tops and hops.

I hope that this helps!


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Thank you for your reply. For now the Baclofen seems to work. He seems to only get them when he eats. I will keep your other suggestions in my mind though. Thanks again

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