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Scan Results

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Hubby got the official word today on his first post tx PET scan -- all clear!!

He had the scan at 7 am yesterday and we met with the ENT at 930. ENT had already reviewed the scan of the cancerous area -- left tonsil and three lymph nodes -- and told us nothing lit up and it was clear. He deferred to the radiologist for a report for everything below the neck. Hubby got that call right before lunch today. All clear from the eyes to the thighs! Needless to say, we are ecstatic! I wanted to leave work and rush home to hug my cancer free hubby but had clients that couldn't be rescheduled. Home now and planning the celebration dinner -- mashed potatoes!

We could not have made this part of the journey without our CSN Family. Thanks to each of you for your thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement, and kicks in the butt when needed. We know the journey is not over but we still can't wipe these big grins off our faces.

Deb and Dale

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That is awesome news. Time to celebrate.

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Congrats!!!! So happy for your family. Enjoy life :-)

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Deb and Dale,
I am so happy for you both. What a relief this must be ! Continued clean scans forever and a day ! Katie

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Dale had a tough road there, and your cowboy is on his way back to the rodeo!! YES!!!

You dance that guy around the kitchen, and tell him phrannie says he has to do that too!! :)


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Always glad to hear the good news. Now to get on with life. Rick.

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Deb and Dale,

“All clear”, such sweet words to hear. “Mashed potatoes”, more sweet words. Now that you’ve put a smile on my face, I say keep doing what you are doing because you seem to be doing it right.

Best always,


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Congrats to you both, you had a tough journey but you both made it, Momma Let your Children be Cowboys, because they are tough dudes with tough caretakers. So enjoy those Mashed Potato left overs and the 3 letters we all look forward to NED.

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Pam M
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Leaving for work in six minutes, and dropped in for a minute - appreciate the pick-me-up. Wonderful news - welcome to Club NED!

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Quack, Quack...

Awesome news D&D, just in time for the week-end...

Get some well deserved down time, relax and enjoy this week-end.


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Such sweet words...

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Hearing the words all clear is like taking off a pair of sunglasses and suddenly everything looks brighter!
Enjoy the moment and the potatoes!!

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Always glad to hear a good report, stay clean


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Take any NED you get and run with it! Other people might not be as fortunate, but celebrate your good news, and use that to move on to life as a cancer survivor, not a cancer patient anymore.


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Very happy news indeed.....



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