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Surgery was yesterday **Updated**

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All is done. I have a bruise the like of which I've never seen before (10 X 6 inches, deep purple and rock hard under my breast.)

Problems during the needle-wire localization procedure, which were not helped by the mammo tech reeking of garlic, and needing to be entwined around me to get proper placement (for a difficultly located mass.) 45 minutes of her was worse that the pain of the ordeal (and it was painful.)

Surgery went smoothly, tho I'm now told it may take up to a week to get my path report.

With the exception of the smell of the mammo tech, the care I received has been what medical care should be. An anesthesiologist who really listened to my concerns and issues (and called me today to see how I was doing.) The nursing manager who came to me because I'd reported to the Breast Care Patient Navigator how terrible and inconsiderate the pre-op phone interview was. The nursing care received while in the hospital yesterday was exemplary, and I also received a follow-up call from my discharge nurse who heard of some concerns I'd mentioned to the radiologist. (She was planning on calling me later in the day.) Care was excellent; I'm currently pretty miserable.

Can't wait to start feeling better and to get my pathology report.

Thank you all for being so supportive,



And now I find that the wound is still bleeding more than it should be. Back to the surgeon tomorrow. (Not profuse, but more than oozing.) Things just don't go smoothly with me.

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Glad that yesterday is behind you. I think that all medical training...for techs, docs, nurses, etc. should include a "No Garlic" rule! How inconsiderate!

Wish that you didn't have the long wait for the path reports, but pray that all will be good news.

Rest up.


Marie who loves kitties

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well Alice .....you certainly are one feisty little filly aren't you? hahah good for you

I am so sorry about garlic tech....it really is inconsiderate and that probing is the worst part.....

some good old fashioned rest is what you need now....we are joined collectively holding hands and wishing the very best results for you.....

with love,


Cathleen Mary
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So glad this is behind you. While you were at it, you provided a lot of medical education for the staff...good for you. Waiting for path results is hard but hoping you will soon have reason to celebrate.

Cathleen Mary

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My pre-op phone interview on Friday (about which I complained) included questions about my receiving and reading my pamphlet on Breast Reconstruction Options. The nurse manager agreed that that should not have been brought up in light of my procedure. We agree that would have terrified someone else.

In addition, the pre-op nurse didn't have any understanding that my surgery required a pre-surgical procedure down in radiology, and got all flustered, now indicating that she didn't know which Hospital location I was to go to. I figured it out when she confirmed that the surgery was to be performed in the secondary campus, which is where the Breast Center is.

And way back in the day (5 years ago) while in the hospital at MSK, I remember the Resident and the Fellow talking over me, as if I didn't exist. I interrupted, and informed them that they couldn't ignore the patient that way, and explained that their discussion needed to include me if I was in the bed by them. They thanked me, and were much better about it for the remaining 3 weeks of my hospitalization.

I also complain productively - send letters about problems I see. (I was given the wrong meds during one hospitalization - they hadn't updated my records, even tho I'd given them all the revised info, and used my meds list from 3 years earlier.)

However, by the same token, I acknowledge excellent care and service, and write letters and contact supervisors.

I feel strongly that we need to educate our caregivers whenever we can, to make things better for us and future patients.

I'll step off my soap box.


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We are glad the surgery went well. We are sending good thoughts and prayers for a fast heal.

Best Always, mike

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Hope for good path report. You are a great health advocate and educator of providers. They sometimes need it. Also glad you express positive feedback too.

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so glad your procedure is over. it is hard enough to go thru all the procedures but to have numerous stumbling blocks is tough to deal with. thank heavens you speak up! there have been times when i spoke up when something was wrong. i feel by doing that i might help someone to avoid what i went thru. i will be praying for good results. and i agree the waiting is awful!

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Sorry you've had that setback. I guess the vampires were not kept away by the Garlic Tech!
My RFA's have gone smoothly but my operations were always difficult.
Keep us posted about tomorrow, you're in my thoughts...

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I am so sorry that you had to undergo this procedure...sounds like it was very painful. Hopefully the garlic will keep away any stray vampires. If this is comforting, I feel the same way about medical procedures seeming unusually difficult compared to others.

Prayers and HUGS of healing and comfort.


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