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Thank you to my new friends for your support.

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I'm through it and quite sore. The needle-wire localization was pretty miserable. First, the location of the masses was deep in near the chest wall, but had to be evaluated separately. Second, continued soreness from my needle-core biopsy, and the local anesthetic didn't seem to help at all (very painful). Of course, that was the one that had to be maneuvered, and didn't hit the right spot the first time. Ouch!

But the worst was that the mammo tech had obviously eaten too much garlic, as it was emanating from her pores, gagging me. Of course, we had to be in very close proximity as she struggled to position me properly for the 2 wire placements. 45 minutes of her presence was even worse than the pain from the procedure (which was pretty bad.

Fortunately, I was able to go directly from radiology into surgery, and that seemed to go smoothly. I’m now told path may take up to a week. And I continue to have problems getting pain relief. My anesthesiologist was a dream, both in competence and as eye-candy and personality. He actually listened to my concerns and took them into consideration, altering his "routine" plans to accommodate me. (Oh, but dexamethasone given with zofran during anesthesia probably contributed to my inability to sleep last night.)

And now I wait. I'm now told results will take 4-7 days, not the 2-3 I was originally told. I can't wait to get the pathology back, and hopefully put this all behind me.

But your support has been very helpful. I was able to play on my phone for a while before the procedures, and saw the "Pink bus" thread. I remain very touched. You are a wonderful group of people, and the caring goes a long way.



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I too thought same of locator...miserable..NOT painful..but nerve wracking to me...i read post most said not bad..I begged for loopy meds and I was told I couldn't have anything..shortly after in holding area for surgery I was given something in IV to relax me andn knocked me out cold..thank GOODNESS

So happy you are getting support and encouragement. Sorry you have to WAIT for results...

I"ll check back for an update..


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Praying for a clean path report!

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