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Night Sweats

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Prior to diagnosis with stage IV grade 2 NHFL my main symptom was fatigue and leg pain. Now I am supposedly in "total response" having finished 9 months of R maintenance. I am starting to show other classic symptoms. 1st is night sweats which are nothing like I expected. I have been waking up at about 4:30 most mornings with my hair wet. Its strange. From just below my shoulders down I am cool and dry. Top of my shoulders, head and hair are soaked. The pillow even gets wet. Second symptom is every few days I become horribly constipated. This has never been a problem for me. I understand this can be caused by R. Have any of you experienced these symptoms?

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Never had leg pain before diagnosis,but after chemo and R I get a lot of leg cramps while sleeping. The kind that make you jump up and dance. John

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During my R-Chop treatment constipation was a real issue, I found that taking a stool softener really helped.... I also had a few night sweats, but believe it or not, always in the day, and like you said, above the shoulders.... Vinny

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Next Tuesday is my 3rd to the last infusion for rituxan...2 more and I'm done(Feb 2013). The only troublesome feelings for me is achey joints...knees...hip and hands. Shoulders get achey with a burning sensation and I experience flushing periodically day and night. I'm thinking the Rituxan is cumulating in my system and after I'm finished with it most of this will go away. I think we all experience symptoms that are hard to explain and make us worry about possible relapse. Sorting through it all can be darn challenging and often frustrating..at least for me. Be sure to run all of these symptoms by your doctor...may be nothing, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Best wishes...Sue

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Many chemos cause constipation, but I do not recall Rituxan being one of them, especially long after treatment. I would call the doc regarding the night sweats.

I never had any constipation on r-abvd, but I ate so little that "going" was not much of an issue (lost about 15% of my body weight by the end of treatment).

A great site for readning the side effects of any FDA approved chemo drug is:


It is up-to-date and solidly researched. You can get the full scoop on Rituxan there very conveniently.

Bless you !


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I appreciate your inputs. It seems that R causes constipation in about 2% of patients.

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