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can't wait...

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well finally got ahold of my mom... seems the place she is staying in doesn't have the net... nor do i have the house phone there. she doesn't answer her cell via txt or call... idk... but she went home for the weekend and messaged me.
ah well she is doing fine, first week was good.. so on to the second week of chemo n rad. so we will see how that goes. can't wait to see her on saturday!
work gave me shift work on 10 and 4 now :) which is lovely so i work and get to see mom :)
i'm kinda wondering how it will all work out when mom gets home after this is all done. Since the farm and horses are still there, and positive mom will not be able to look after them.. as it is friends of family are looking after them. not much to do as of yet since no snow ...
so yes... things are well as of now..

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so happy for you! good luck

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Good to read, hope things continue to be ok.

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