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Hazardous Material

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Sooo, tonight I got the stuff for my home disconnect, port flush stuff. BUT, included was this big bag for a hazardous material handling spill, some special pads, the complete outfit to wear, hazardous material spill sign, etc....mask, goggels, gloves!!! Anyone else get this kit!!!

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Yup - my husband doesn't do disconnect, but they did give him the emergency clean up kit at his first treatment. I just realized this weekend, that we probably are supposed to keep it with us when we aren't home...

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I did 10 months of folfiri a year ago, and didn't have this!!! I think the biggest hazard would be my cat, he's fascinated with the bottle and line I try to hide from him, he immediately knows something is different....he was already interested in the new box that arrived and I had to shoo him away. I just know he'll be trying to get at that line tomorrow night.

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I got the kit when I my port was installed. I guess the drano cocktail can be caustic so the bag is to prevent it from getting on stuff you wouldn't want it on. After two years and a big move, I have no idea where the kit is now.

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LOL I got the grocery bag full of clean up Hazmat kit. I never needed it. The worst thing I ever did was forget to turn off the butterfly between the flush and removal. I bled on a shirt and immediately stain cleaned the shirt. All was good.

It was another piece of clutter in the bathroom storage.

Best Always, mike

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2 giant boxes filled with supplies and complete hazmat kits (I changed home nursing services partway through treatment, so each service brought me one.)

Yet when I did have a chemo spill, and had to have the pump removed early (covered in chemo) neither the nurse nor my husband nor I remembered the hazmat. She wore gloves to clean me up, wrapped the pump in a regular bag (not the yellow hazmat bag) and never dressed for treating the leak.

The mini-dustpan has come in handy, as have the masks. Of course the box of gloves (not necessarily part of hazmat) is useful, too.

But yes, 2 giant boxes of stuff, including complete hazmat suits and supplies.

Isn't it lovely to know that the stuff that they are pumping into our bodies is this dangerous?

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Slow computer.

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Standard equipment.

I turned mine in though (never used)- they charge you for the kit if you don't turn it back in at our place.

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