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tomorrow- celebration and dread

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Hubby gets the catheter out tomrrow. But we also get the pathology report. It's been a hard 7 days since the surgery. He is still not eating much (today he had 2 crackers and maybe 1/4 cup of grits), has only had 1 VERY small bowel movement (fianlly- late today) and his belly is very swollen. He gets occassional leg cramps and back pain. At least the doc let me put seri strips on his incision from the abdomial drain- that stopped the (to me profuse) bleeding. I know he will be glad to have the catheter out. But I dread the path report. I'm sure you all understand. You want to KNOW, and you hope for something good--- but there's always this little voice in the back of your head that says, "It could be bad".

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We all wish you the best. Everyone has been there. My own perspective is life is great. Live it. There are so many things they can say, but somehow we all manage to get past it. Jump one hurdle at a time. Try not to stress out. You will get through this. Getting the catheter out is one great feeling. Even though I knew it had spread I still smiled for two days. It felt great.

Good luck,


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It is good to see that your Hubby made it thru surgery. My question, is your Hubby up and moving around, walking. This might take care of the leg cramps and back pain.

Walking is very important at this point in time.

Diet, if he has had a lot of pain killer in him then there will be bowel problems, the doctors should of prescribed stool softners, in my case the doctors did.

The swelling will be there,part of this is due to the surgery. Remember this is major surgery and it will take time to heal. My doctors indicated that it can take up to 3 years to completely heal.

Diet and eating all I can say is try and start normal meals again, the body needs nutrition to heal and at this point time it is very important.

The path report will be what it is, yes it can be bad, but be thank full that you all have come this far.

The catheter comming out will be the next issue to work on. The male pads will be needed here, also your Hubby will have to learn how to urinate again. I hope that he has been working on the Kegel exercises, this helps.

I hope this helps and good luck, please keep us posted Hang in there, this journey is just starting


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Im so happy he's getting the catheter out, I'm sure that will be a huge relief.
You're both in my prayers. As one wife to another, I feel for you.
Good luck and God bless

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