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A little saying to help us along...

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I have this posted on my computer and thought I would share:

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength."

I look at it MANY times a day...hope it helps.


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very good! thanks for sharing

if there was a like button, i would have clicked it


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Here's another good one,

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery , today is a gift.

My husband always reminds me of this. Even though he's the one with cancer, he's stronger then me.

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D Lewis
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That's why it's called ... wait for it... "THE PRESENT!"

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I've always loved this quote.


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there is a book called "The Precious Present"

it is a great short book, i give it to people who struggle post treatment


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Hi Lynda,

I think when you start down the H&N path there are some real down days, but after spending a few weeks behind the cancer wheel you decide the direction you want this trip to follow (at least in your head). Hopefully, your path is fulfilled.



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Thank you for the uplift ! Yes we need to stay focused on all the good in our worlds. There are enough down times for us to deal with. Breathing space is so welcomed....so everyone just breath in and smile today ! Katie

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I needed that.

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