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Stoma Hernia

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Hi all: I've also posted this on the Colon Club website but seems there aren't many people out there who have had this happen. So I'll try you! I have had a colostomy for 5 months now. It appears I now have a stoma hernia. It may have happened when I used a binder (to keep the operation incision together) - had one specially made with a hole in it for the colostomy. I think that the differential pressure created by the binder and hole contributed to the emergence of the hernia.

Have anyone out there had this happen to them? If so, what did you do about it?



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Here is a web site that discusses the issue and what can or should be done.


Of course, you and your doctor will need to discuss your particular situation.

Hope for an easy resolve.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hey Cheryl,
Yes, I was just told I have a stoma hernia also. My dr told me it wouldn't be a good idea to have surgery since my stoma itself is doing well. I do not like the way it looks as it is protruding alot. I am going to look into the stoma belt. Thanks for asking the question and thanks to Marie for the link. Very informative and helpful.

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"I am going to look into the stoma belt"

You might want to visit the UOAA Forum !

Be careful how tight you make the belt, sometimes intestines get
caught up inside a hernia, and if you compress the hernia you
"can" end up restricting the intestine (think obstruction).

Likewise, using a convex appliance, with or without a too tight belt,
can restrict a section intestine near the stoma.

We do what we have to do, but making sacrifices for the sake
of vanity, shouldn't enter the equation.....

(If you saw my two major hernias, you would feel better about yours!)
(trust me)

Better health to you !


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Thanks for the information! I think that is what I found - the binder can't be too tight for many reasons and the stoma belt wasn't a good idea! Luckily mine isn't too big - not for vanity but for health reasons. I'll look up both the suggested websites.

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Hi.  Just wanted to say that I have had a hernia in my stoma area for about 5 years now. When the hernia prevents my bowl movement it backs up for a day and creates terrible stomach cramps and then I discard all waste through vomitting.  It's an awful thing that my doctor cannot prevent since he refuses to operate on me again and since my stoma cannot be reversed well I'm stuck.

I suffer all the time, get dizzy when standing, have a lot of pain in my gums and teeth, throw up my own crap and my hearing sounds like a high pitched alarm from time to time.  Lately I've been bleeding from my stoma.  I say WTF and add it to my list of complaints that never get heard.

I'm glad to be alive but this **** is getting ridiculous.  





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