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Port Comes Out Friday

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Joined: Mar 2012

Just want to share some good news. My port comes out Friday after 12 rounds of chemo. Needless to say I am thrilled to go to hospital (this time) and get this done. I am taking baby steps one at a time. Hope my news cheers up someone currently in chemo that the treatments do end and yes the port can come out. I called it alien baby since I lost so much weight you can see it protrude through my skin. It is gross. I will not miss you alien baby!

Posts: 753
Joined: Apr 2011

I am sooooooo HAPPY for you. Enjoy, Enjoy.

Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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Joined: May 2012

So happy for you, sounds like you are doing great. I can't wait to get rid of this port. I can't wear some shirts because it shows and sometimes it hurts when I lay a certain way. 5 more treatments to go and I am still doing full strength, thank you for being so positive and telling me you did it and that I could to. You really have helped me.
Sandy :)

marbleotis's picture
Posts: 682
Joined: Mar 2012

Only 5 to go. That is on one hand. You can do it, then you will plan when your port comes out. It is a kind of great feeling.

thxmiker's picture
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Joined: Oct 2010

That is Great News! My port also stuck out at the end of Chemo. I was exceptionally happy to get rid of something that was scratching me from inside my skin.

Best Always, mike

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Joined: May 2012

YAY!! I hate mine too..im super skinny and it sticks way up. That's exciting!

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Joined: Apr 2012

Great news I loved the day I gave up my port. Way to go!!!!

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Joined: Oct 2011

That is awesome. It is such a feeling of freedom.

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Joined: Mar 2010

It's a great feeling to get rid of the port.

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Joined: Sep 2009

I am so happy for you to get rid of it. My stuck out too and it made me self conscious, plus just seeing it every day was a constant reminder.

Best of luck to you!

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