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Update on Dave

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Finally some good news. Just got the pathology report back, and there was just a tiny little bit of cancer left in the removed esophagus. This means that he had almost total response to the chemo and radiation treatments. No cancer was found in the lymph nodes, and that is good news. Medical oncologist will decide if he needs a little "mop up" chemo in 6 weeks or so. Still battling some post-op complications, but hopefully he'll turn the corner soon on that. We'll take whatever good news we can at this point!

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Glad for your good news. My husband also had some cancer cells remaining in the removed esophagus. His lymph nodes were negative as well. They did not do follow-up chemo. It's been two plus years. We are very thankful.

His PET scan between the treatments and the surgery came back clear. When the live cells were found in the removed esophagus after the chemo and radiation, his oncologist firmly stated, "That's why we do the operation."

Hope he continues to improve. BMGky

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