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New Side Effect of Rads????

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Hey Kids,

Had an appointment with OnocMan today (2 1/2 year post-tx petscan was yesterday). He asked me "So when did you break your back?" My answer - HUH! Appears the tech who did the petscan indicated that T7 was fractured.

No accidents, no injuries and best of all no pain from this. Have no idea what it's from. Onco said could possibly be from rads, although he didn't sound too positive on that. Will have to do a little research on it. Any of you old-timers have this or ever hear of this???? (If not, I claim it to be named after me.) I seriously think it's from catching so many dang big fish!! - not

Positive thoughts to everyone!!


PS - to all you sanfranciscoites - GO CARDS!!!!!

PPS - scan was clear

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by busting your hump.

I did PM you on the topic. Go Rams. Uh.........

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i came close to breaking my back, but i broke my neck. in three places

but this was not from radiation, :-) i do not doubt that radiation could break anyone's bones.

just goes to show you greg, your tougher that you even thought you were.

Congrats on more NED news.

Go Cards!


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I say why not, lets assume its unique to you thus we should name it after you. Go Cards Go Rams, go anyone other than Royals or Chiefs, sports suck in KC. I degress back to your back no pun intended (yes there was) so glad your scan showed NED hears to many more.

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Congrats on the NED! And yes, GO CARDS! Hope that T7 doesn't cause you any trouble. During tx, I took a fall one night, I think too many drugs. Everyone felt a bad sprain because it was weight bearing and not too painful. After 4 weeks my sister finally asked if they could x-ray. It was broke. Looks like I had RadBigFish53Syndrome and didn't even know it.

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D Lewis
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I'm 2 1/2 years out... I've been having this persistent pain in my neck. Maybe I'd better get it checked out before I do another one of those marathon rides... might be RADT7BIGMULEDLSYNDROME...


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Hi Greg,

I am not officially an old-timer in the H&N forum, but did wonder. Did you mention catching big fish before the radiation was determined (guessed) to be the culprit? The way I feel, I want to blame everything (going wrong) on the rads (really I feel pretty darn tooting good).

Congratulations on the clean scan, that helps buck me up.



Kent Cass
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Of all the outrageous things ever posted here or anywhere over the past 5,000 years, the mere mention of the St.Leeus Cordanuls is just about the most...it's low- it's low, I tell you...

Familiar with the jaw issues from rads in the longterm, but spine at #7 is a new one. Does seem possible, though, as we all know about the burns at the back bottom hairline from the rads exit area, and that means the spine mighta taken a hit. Hope this doesn't get complicated for you, Greg. Defintely one for us all to remember as being on the table.


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Wonderful news ! But WHAT on the break in the back ? They have other scans to compare with right ? Holy molie...and you had no symtoms ? You are one tough cookie ! This is healed right ? Thinking positives for your cards...not a sports fan too much. Katie

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Greg, so glad to hear you are still NED!! I'm so happy for you.

I too have Cervical issues that are unresolved.

Take care


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Glad to hear about the NED on the PET. I am right now about 7 ½ years out of treatment and my back is the same as it’s always been so far. Have a lot of other side effects but nothing on the back. You will find that anything they can’t explain is always a side effect of treatment.

Take care

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Can't be from haulin big fish...my fish are much bigger than yours, LOL...

Closest that I come to having anything like that and similar to you is a crack.

"Butt" that is.... what my MD whom performed my colonoscopy told me.

Best to you my fishin bro...


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Pam M
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Wonderful PET - hoping you and NED never part company.

Bone injury from rads?!? I'm cussing at the thought of this potential side effect. Hope you don't have any additional breaks in the future.

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I dodn't get on much to read all the post...so wanted to give you a belated WAHOOOO!!!! from AZ...way to go.


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Congratulations on the clear scan, that's great news!! As for rad bone fracturing side effects, that is news to me. Rads cause lots of other colateral damage, but backbone fracturing seems to me to be a stretch. I think that your theory about being real lucky and catching too many big fish might be closer to home.


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I don't get the RADT7BIGFISH Syndrome name after all. Called up and talked to the tech who wrote up report. He pointed out the report stated it was an old injury and was healed. Guess can't blame this on rads. I'm getting a copy for my records and then gonna run it past a back surgeon I know. Only thing I can figure out is in college I was clipped by a car while riding my bicycle. Woke up in a ditch with broken arm in 3 places....and now it apppears maybe a broken back.

So after hearing all your comments, I was bragging to my wife how tough I was. She told me to shut-up you're not tough, you're just not too bright. (She's probably right).


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to dive into the shallow end. Pam is smart. Guess whi still has a day job!

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