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Denied Temp Disability

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Anybody apply for temp disability after diagnosis? I applied during my chemo and was denied. There is something very wrong about this process. Any experiences, advice? thoughts?

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Get a lawyer and make sure your doctor is willing to write a letter for you on your behalf. I had to do this and the lawyer does not take any funds unless he wins the case for you. Once i had my lawyer I got my disability. Also there is a very helpful book called Nolo's guide to social security and disability which you should have even if you do get your disability as it will assist you in how to keep it. Hope this has been helpful!


New Flower
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yes, you can appeal and win your case. Doctors should support you and write their recommendations. If it is more than one doc your case will be stronger.

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Keep your life positive and let a professional negotiate on your behalf if at all possible. A few years ago, I filed for disability due to a broken leg, and it was alot of stress and work, because the system is built around going through appeals. Eventually, I did retain an attny and after I did, I won my case.
I hope you feel better.

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other WARRIORS! I would also check with your Oncologist staff, or social worker
there at the hospital see if they have any websites, telephone numbers for
Cancer disability advocacy agencies or groups.

Please update us when possible.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Thank you for all of the advice. I should try to appeal I suppose, its just that im so tired of fighting... I will get on it eventually

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Alexis F
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I've never applied or been on disability, but, I hope that if you appeal, that you get accepted.

Good luck,


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I have never applied but seems to crazy to be denied...there are people who work the system yet you can prove you illness and denied...it's terrible...I am very sorry to hear..

wish you luck..


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Without disability I would have been up poop creek. I cannot fathom that a company would deny this. Do you have letters from your doctor dictating that you will need to be out a lot? This is insane! I was on Short Term (STD) for 6 months and transitioned to Long Term (LTD) for the remaining two months of rads and recovery. Yes, something is very wrong....

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Are you trying to get on SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY or Short Term Disability through your company insurance? I know getting on Social Security is like pulling teeth. I know of some people who took years to get on.

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Hi sisters! I applied for temp SSN disability. I provided life history all cancer history release of all med docs. Verdict was DENIED because I was not determined to be "severly ill" for a total of 12 months. Altho I was diagnosed in AUG had 2 surgeries in Sep. went through 6 Hard chemo txs that really I thought would kill me then rad 28 x in a row then herceptin for a total of a year. my last herceptin tx was just this past Tuesday! Ive been paying into SSN since I was 16 and I am now 46.ALL cancer patients deserve some type of disabilty if only temp!!!!1 how do we fight this? HUGS!!!!!!

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I agree get a lawyer. I had disability through my work but it was a nightmare onceI went back . I was supposed to get paid while I was working significantly less hours ( nurse) but wasnt it is in a appeal now. I did see a disability lawyer who was very helpful. I wonder who determines all this.

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Are you applying for soc sec disability or one offered by your employer? I own an insurance agency and may be able to give you some solid advise if I have more information. Feel free to pm me. It may be how the doctors described your treatments.


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