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I'm requesting the pink bus for our dear Chenheart tomorrow morning--8 a.m. Pacific time

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I saw a post on facebook tonight from our Chen. After many months of chemo, she is having a PET scan tomorrow at 8 a.m. PDT. Let's get that bus gassed up, pack up all our picnic baskets full of goodies, wear every item of pink we have and bring all the positive energy for a great result for her. This is a woman warrior who has taught so many of us how to fight gracefully, cheerfully and tenaciously throughout the journey.

Hugs and prayers, Renee

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She's a great lady. All aboard.


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I just made it on board, but I did bring my cooler. Lets all go for a ride and pray for good results.


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Positive thoughts, gentle hugs and prayers for our dear Chenheart!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Yes we will be there for chen. Hopefully we will make enough noisenwherenthosenpesky tumors are afraidnto ever showw up again. Seriously only coming along with ositive thoughts, prayeres and plenty of good food.

Hugs and Prayers, Carol

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Love, strength, hope and positivity. Plus NY autumn goodies - apple dumplings, pumpkin moon pies and zucchini bread


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I am so on the bus for Chen. It's kinda chilly, so I'm bringing lattes and cinnamon rolls. Can you smell them? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. xoxox Lynn

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on board, bringing brownies!!


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Brownies yummy !!! on board for sure.

New Flower
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Thank you Renee
Came from Claudia today:
"I am sitting in the waiting room with Reggie hoping that things go well"

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Claudia is such a warrior like you said, I was just thinking of her this morning and wandering how she is doing.
Lots of prayers and Hugs...Karie

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I woke up late and missed the bus,so I had to take a cab. Do you know how traffic lights there are between N.C. and California? All my thoughts and prayers are with our 50 Foot Warrior,Chen. Hoping that her chemo is over soon and she starts feeling better with less side affects,aches and pains.

(((HUGS))) and Prayers,Chen.
Your Pink Brother

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I am with you Chen. Praying for all good news!!!

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I know I have missed the bus! I do hope that all went well and she will be in my prayers.

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Hoping for clear scans. Love surf

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Hope you had good news today!


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the bus. I am hoping for the best results possible for you.


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Vicki Sam

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