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Low Iron

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I finished my chemo/radiation 8/2011 and since that time I have had a pretty low Iron count. Normal is 10-129 and mine is 19. Has anyone else experience low Iron counts? I am nervous as online research states it could be another form of cancer. However, my doc said not to be too concerned, they will run some tests, but am thinking this is pretty low. Any kind of tips/hand holding is welcome! Thank you!

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according to your stat, even though your iron is low, it is still in the "normal" range. It's hard not to worry about all this stuff--after chemo, my white count kept tanking--many months later and it had me going nuts. It did level off and I think that the chemo just really skews the numbers for a while for some of us.

Are there ways to boost the iron level? Try not to be too concerned--it will probably resolve itself.

Hugs, Renee

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Hi I was told my iron level was low because I was a little anemic and that was before my surgery and rads treatment. My Dr suggested that I take an iron supplement that is called Floradex. It is iron and vitaminsformula along with herbs. I have been taking them since the beginning of June. I have not had any blood tests done yet, but I can tell my iron level has come up. I hope this is helpful for you. Best of luck to you


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Your doctor could prescribe an iron supplement for you and there are certain foods high in iron. Do you have a nutritionist at your cancer center? I hope you get your iron back up.


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I had procrit shots my first round of cancer because I was anemic. I became anemic again during my second bout and had two blood transfusions. I would ask your doctor. Hope it gets better soon.


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My doc told me that I had low iron a few months back, and I have had no chemo or rads. They gave me some tablets (hard on the stomach)to take and my PCP told me to 'beef it up'. so I have been eating alot of out local organic beef, and beans, lentils and such. Do what is within your power and keep an eye on your bloodwork. Hope that it improves.

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I am going thru chemo now. After 9 sessions of taxol (3) and (7) of taxotere I got a septic blood infection of MRSA and ended up in the hospital for a week and two more weeks at home on mega antibiotics. During this time I found out I was extremely anemic about a 4. The first thing the oncologist did was with the last three session of taxotere I got an iron transfusion through my port. Then on the 12the session I received a shot. That brought my iron above 10. After yesterdays appointment which was a follow up to my first A/C session, my numbers have dipped below 10 again. If that does not come up by the 29th, then I will receive the shot again.

All of us are different. Let the tests determine what the best action plan will be developed between you and the doctors. Eat healthy, check to see what foods are iron rich to add to your diet.

I will be thinking of you!

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