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Is this ok

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My husband received first cisplatin and radiation on Friday. Today he had some nausea so gave him compazine and earlier today gave him an Ativan for unreleived nausea. Long story short, he ate a little and basically has been sound asleep since 4pm and it's now 1030 at night. He literally has not even moved , that's how deeply he is sleeping. Plus, he has not drank anything since about 3 this afternoon so worrying about dehydration. Is this normal? I am thinking he may eventually build a little more of a tolerance to the Ativan and it won;t make him as sleepy. anyone have any opinions on this?

Thank you to all of you


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...always knocked me for a loop.
they gave it to me when I was waking up 3 times a night to vomit up mucous. more or less worked, it knocked me out. it also made me walk into things.
so yeah, don't worry. sleep is good!
but I believe it's pretty addictive, so I stopped taking it after the vomiting eased up.

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I didn't weigh very much even when I started treatment....I've always cut my Ativan in half...so just a thought....Like BSB said, sleep is good...when he wakes up just make sure he takes some water in, and if he's up to it....nutrition too....the three things he needs most are hydration, nutrition, and sleep...he's doing good on the last one :).

It is so hard being the caretaker, I know. I'd be wondering these things myself...the Ativan may well knock the nausea out. I skipped it once when I was getting amifostine...and got a real lesson in why they had me take it before I got that stuff.


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Hi Joan,

Sleep was my one refuge, usually after rad treatment. Stay ahead of the nausea, but watch out for constipation, it will sneak up on you. When he wakes up remember what Phrannie said about hydration and nutrition and don’t forget to keep swallowing (it will pay off later). You can always ask the doctors and nurses if you have concerns.



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He must have been tired to sleep right through the Cardinals game! Sleep is good but hydration and nutrition are every bit as important. There were days that I think I slept 22 hours getting up to eat, drink and force a brief walk outside (short walk can help avoid constipation, or so I was told). If not for my caregivers, I would have slept the full 24. The Ativan/Lorazepam made me sleep and it still does. Mine are the tiniest pill I have ever seen and don't think I could cut in half if I tried.

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That's funny about the Cardinals game because he never misses even the routine games, much less playoff games and so as our daughter and I sat there watching the game without him, I told her must really be not feeling well and/or tired. Never did I think I would see the day when he would miss this. But, good news we taped the game and he watched it today before we went for the second of thirty radiation trx. Hoping he will be able to see the game tonight.

Go Cards,


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