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Are NED and remission the same thing?

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Last year my doctor said I as in complete remission. (lasted about 9 months) Anyway, I see several of you refer to yourself as NED. Is there a difference?

I finally learned what NED stands for. :) Took a while though.



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I could be wrong but I don't see NED (no evidence of disease) and remission as the same thing. I am two-years NED which to me means that no test (CA 125, CT, ultrasound, etc.) picks up any signs of cancer but that doesn't necessarily mean that very small particles of cancer aren't floating around in my body. To me, remission somehow implies a better chance of the cancer being gone for good or at least for a very long time. Please don't get me wrong. I'm very hopeful that I will stay NED indefinitely!

I don't know if this helps you, Carla, but these are my two cents!

Take care,


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From what I understand, when our scans are read by radiologist if she/he doesn't see any evidence of cancer, he reads the scan as no evidence of disease. This is part of remission; the other part involves our ca 125 count being below 35. That's what I understand anyways. Maybe someone else has a clearer explanation.

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When I go to the Oncologist this Thursday I will ask.

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They are two terms that mean the same thing.

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"NED" is shorthand jargon used by physicians, particularly radiologists, that stands for "no evidence of disease." The radiologist will never pronounce you "in remission." It isn't his/her job. But if he/she sees no evidence of disease on a CT or PET scan, the oncologist will use that determination, in conjunction with tumor marker tests (CA 125 and/or HE 4) to evaluate your status, and generally if both are present - radiologist report of NED and a normal tumor marker - you are considered in remission.

They aren't the same thing. You can be NED and still have an elevated tumor marker, so you would not be considered in remission, in that case, and you can definitely have a normal CA 125 (and HE 4) and have active disease. My CA 125 was 12 when a CT scan showed 2 tumors and a PET the next day showed 4. It had been 12 for months and months. My HE 4 was normal, too.

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Oops....double post.

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how are you doing?


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