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I am not sure what happened

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Was at the hardware store today, working with one of the clerks getting a good paint brush, and got dizzy, then started going out. He leaned me against the shelve and held me up by my arms till I got my legs back. I was really embarrassed, everyone was staring. He was so nice, he has been there since the store opened and I have worked with him a lot over the years while remodeling 2 condos.

The only thing different is that on Thursday I went from getting weekly herceptin to a 21 day dose along with Xgeva, and a vit b12 shot. I was feeling great, came from Mass and lunch with a friend then swung by the hardware store.

He said my face and neck went snow white and my eyes kind of rolled and he was worried I would go down. He asked if I was sick or on meds, I told him I am being treated for cancer. He then took my stuff to the service desk where they checked me out and he helped me to the car. I sat for about 10 minutes before driving home. I feel good now. Has this happened to anyone else? Was thinking maybe I need to talk to my onco tomorrow. Sore as can be from the bone shot.


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Carol, sorry to hear about you not feeling well, I know all to well about passing out ( do it often due to my heart condition)
It can be very scary and make you feel very drain afterwards. I would definitely call your doctor tomorrow it be be the new combo of shots you are getting. I hope feel better soon
Hugs Christine

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Bella Luna
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Carol... so glad to hear you will be contacting your doctor tomorrow to let him or her know what happened to you at the hardware store. The clerk who helped you sounds so kind. What a relief to hear someone was by your side when this episode hapeened. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hugs to you.

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Don't have any answers, just sending empathy and love from overly warm California.

Maybe stay out of hardware stores?


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Home Depot is one of my favorite stores, besides See's of course! We got your rain Saturday, and I would take the overly warm anyday. Hope your move went smoothly!


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Very Scary and thankfully someone there to make sure you were safe and noticed. I am 15 years out and have talked about this feeling that comes over me since my treatment days. So Far no one has been listening though (for a good laugh ladies) I am walking on stilts for hours at a time and often hanging off ladders so this can be very bad for my health.
I have been told since finishing my treatments that this is menopausel related though anyone I know who has gone through it do not suffer such things. Oh and yes my dragging leg as well was chalked up to that as well though I know no one who has this as a result of menopause.
My mother wanted me to have an MRI and they refused for years till I starting getting ill again at 14 years. Wow there on the scan showed why I had so many migrains and things that are directly related to MS though until I cannot see or walk will never be diagnoses because once again all they see is fit and health looking at me.
There is nothing worse than a doctor who walks into a room and says just how wonderful I look when in fact "LOOKS ARE VERY DECIEVING" my entire experience with cancer even.
Yes I would venture to say I am not alone and could actually be a side effect of meds. You might want to read the fine print because it always tells you so much.
I hope that you can get to bottom of this because it hurts when you fall I know this for sure...
Be good to yourself.

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Jean 0609
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Sorry you were at the hardware store when this happened. However, it is a blessing that someone was there for you.

Hope you are feeling better.


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wow you able to drive home? I would make appt with Dr asap...

suprised the store dint' call 911 just for check up...(unless you didnt' want it of course)

I HOPE you are feeling better..

ONLY TIME I had that situation (but passed out cold) was after getting stitches out of my finger...lights out and on ground...(I have wooozzzy stomach with blood/ stitches)


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It's such a scary feeling. Glad you got home okay. You know, it could have been something real simple like a quick drop in blood sugar, but best to get it checked out. Sometimes, they never really find out why.

I started on the Xgeva this month in place of the Zometa. Getting the injection was sure better than the 40-minute IV, but I did have bone pain for a few nights afterward. Nancy told me to try Extra-strength Tums with the Zometa, which took away any bone pain. I'm going to try them with the Xgeva next time.

Take good care, Carol and I hope you get to feeling better.

Love and hugs, Renee

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Someone let you drive home after that! Glad you got home safe.
Hope you're doing better.


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