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MRI - input requested

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The ultrasound showed the mass that was seen in January is still there. The good news is only 1 is there - in January there were 2. More good news - it hasn't grown.
My family Dr is finally listening and sending me for an MRI.
I have never had one before. I am very overweight and worried I won't fit in the machine.
Does anyone have experience with this and a friend of mine warned me that it is very confining and she had to get taken out of the tube and actually put to sleep.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Not sure when I will have the MRI - I hear there is a very long wait time in Canada for an MRI. Free medicine = you get what you pay for :-)

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I've had 2 MRI's and what I remember is, how noisy and yes somewhat confining. What I did was put the headsets in my ears and they chose a radio station for me with my type of tunes. Kept my mind busy, plus I visualized lying on the beach and basking in the sun.

As well, when I had the last one, due to lower back issues in lumbar region...had difficulties staying still due to the pain. I was in and out a few extra times to adjust my position with pillows.

Another option if you're a bit overweight and concerned of your fit, have an "open MRI". We offer these in US, but from what I've been told, aren't as accurate. Lastly, yes you can be drugged, allowing you to sleep thru the whole procedure.

Sorry you're having to deal with this, but sounds like you do have some good news with smaller mass and one gone.

Good luck...

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Thanks Jan! I am not a "bit overweight" - I am very overweight.
I am not sure if we have the open MRI - maybe other Canadians on here knows?
I want to get this done and over with so hopefully it will be over soon.


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Me too! Very hard to lay on that flat hard bed when you are "sway-backed" Unless you are over 400 pounds you will fit, but it will be tight. The hardest thing for me was keeping both arms above my head for 90 minutes....no going out or back in. This was 10 days after open heart surgery. I only made 45 minutes because my back went into spasms and it was upsetting the machine. Save your self the drama and trauma and get the sedation! Best, debrajo

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