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A confession.........I went to a witch doctor...

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...well, not a witch doctor, an herbalogist...but my mom always called him the witch doctor when she went to him. She had laryngeal cancer, and went to him before she started radiation...her skin never even got red during her 30 treatments.

I think the reason I decided to do this is this: Everybody talks about the "after treatment, now what's"....at first it's exciting knowing that you're finally done, but now I'm in the "wait" mode again....waiting for 3 months to pass to get a scan. During treatments I was actively fighting the beast...and I think I'm the type who has to feel like I'm still actively fighting...DOING SOMETHING to keep the beast at bay. I was finding myself fine during the day, but once I lay me down to sleep...the cancer committee would convene in my head making sleep something I could only wish for. I just feel better knowing/thinking I'm doing something active to combat my disease.

I didn't really want to tell my husband I was going, but he seems to understand my emotional dilemma...and why I did...more for my emotional well-being with the after thought that maybe this will help my physical well being as well. Don't laugh...LOL.


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so what kind of herbs did the WD hit you with? what did they do for you?

I was recently considering growing some chinese medicinal herbs.
only problem is, I tend to kill plants. oops.

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Ingrid K
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Phrannie, I don't anyone would ever think that was strange. Anything that helps emotional healing without more drugs is OK in my book.

Please let us know if and what seemed to help.

But I am like BSB above---I tend to kill plants off pretty darn quick.

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dials and buttons...and said I had a lot of absetos in my body...well, I grew up in a time when houses were insulated with it, schools and churches too, so that didn't seem out of the realm of possibilities....he also said I had some of the normal parasites that the human body can pick up thru time. So....he gave me Para and Liquid calcium (Para can deplete calcium) for the parasites...one eyedropper squirt under the tongue 3 times a day...Blue Burr for the absestos, Graviola and Katweed to fight cancer cells, and Knapweed to reduce the radiation effects. They are all tinctures, and I add one squirt twice a day to water. Now I don't know diddley squat about herbal medicines, but I do know there are many people in the valley that swear by this guy....and there's the fact that my mom didn't have any burns from radiation....so I thought why not. :)

I've only been taking them for four days, so I don't notice anything different yet...except the act of taking them makes me feel better in the head.


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I'm all for "official" medical treatments--I believe the radiation and chemo saved my life. I also know pharmaceutical companies can't make money off something that can't be patented and controlled. Natural remedies that are available over the counter don't have as much interest (or profit potential) for them, so they're rarely investigated with the types of studies you see for new drugs.

So good for you! There's a great book called AntiCancer that has a lot of information about foods that can help slow down or stop the progression of cancer. I think there's a lot we still don't know!

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Pam M
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I'm all for "safe" supplementation. From time to time, I do a little reading, or hear about something, and add another item to my "Gee - I think I should take this" list. So far, all I've actually followed through with is some juicing, and liquid fish oil.

As for the tinctures - the way the two I've tried have tasted, they had BETTER do you some good. Had not heard of Katweed or Knapweed - hope they do you good.

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Your words-Doing something to keep the beast at bay..... Yes, after our final treatments, I know I felt like Kwai Chang Caine in "Kung Fu" after the scene where he scars his arms on the hot coals bowl and walks out the door to fall into the snow. The door slams and he is on his own to fend for himself....We are a bit better off then that, but it just seems like it at first.

I found that a good sleep was fighting the beast, we need energy, and rest is that energy builder...Do whatever it takes to move forward...

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Hi Phrannie,

Well this is a different post for you. I was finding your reasoning understandable, having gone through cancer treatments myself. I was glad you posted the follow-up paragraph with details, because that really makes this thread come alive. Every time you write about your punctured lung, I get a pain in the gut because I feel for you. Now you be really, really careful about what you take in your cancer prevention quest, I don’t want you to get another punctured lung (so to speak).

Worry wart warrior,


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probably not going to be happy with my thought, but feel that is why we are all here to share our thoughts

i guess i would do what you did if i did not feel good about what the plan and treatments were that the doctors gave me and i did not trust and like my doctor's.

if it were the best treatment it would be filling the internet with the thought this is the treatment to do and with the huge numbers that have used it with success.

not being neg. just sharing my thought process


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Love the phrase...witch doctor, got that darn song stuck in my head now too ! I agree that there are alot of people that would make a buck on our dx's....but sometimes I think this of our traditional doctoring too. Be careful and knowledable about anything you use. Tinctures work well...and very quickly as absorbed quicker than the traditional pills. It is very promising that your Mother had such great results with this ! Keep us updated please as I too believe anytime we can boost our own immune system naturally...its a wonderful thing. Good luck Phrannie ! Katie

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Tonsil Dad
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You all know my views on alternative meds, Phrannie I am
right behind you on this. The less meds you put in your body
the better if you can put something natural your body will
thank you. As I've mentioned many, many times I don't take
any meds whatsoever, only my product for my immune system
which is the best natural immune booster available. If you have
a week immune system thats when the body starts to break
down and you are prone to viruses, bacterias and cancers
so it is vital to keep it in tip top condition. Without it its
' good night Irene'

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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I would like to make sure that any supplements you are taking are reviewed by your oncologist. Or oncology pharmacist, if one is available. Just to make sure all supplements, current medications and recently used medications are "playing well together"


Elizabeth 1978
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I took my husband to one of those too. He gave me 4 bottles n since them his appetite has pick up, n he has more energy n color on him,

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Nobody knows which path to take for certain. If somebody knew that path, he/she at least could write a best seller. I'm all for alternatives. Good luck taking the small side trip down the unique path you've stumbled upon. Rick.

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how the heck do i private message someone on here? lol

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Pam M
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In the CSN box near the top left of this screen (maybe two inches under your name), click on CSN Email

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Pam M
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Every time I see this thread, I hear "Ooh eee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang" - for you young'uns, that's song lyrics.

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