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Still naseauted

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Had cisplatin on Tue, been on my anti naseau meds, but still struggling with naseau today, is this radiation or chemo, making me sick, god I hate naseau .....
Tube feelings suck when you don't feel good.

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and rads where I felt "unwell" for entire days....just nauseated enough that I didn't want to put anything into my tummy. On those days I relied on whole milk for sustanance...I didn't have to do a full 8 oz's of anything...just did as much as I thought would stay down.

I hate even the slightest feeling of nausea...some folks on here have "slight nausea"...to me ANY nausea feels full blown. You will wake up one morning real soon, and it will have passed. My Dr. has a set schedule for nausea meds...Are you taking Zophran, Compazine, and Lorazapam?


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My husband had his first radiation and Cisplatin on Friday and he is also dealing with nausea. We have rx for Compazine and Ativan. He is feeling nauseous as I type this. He received Amend on Friday as well. Took the Compazine but gonna give him the Ativan if it doesn't settle down.


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I had Cisplatin and had that problem after round 2.I had already had Emend, Dexamethasone, Ondansetron and Compazine and was still nauseated. They prescribed a suppository that a local pharmacy compounded called BDR suppositories. They worked within a hour and I felt so much better.

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So when you all say they gave you an Emend, or he took one on Friday.....

Are you saying just one?

Myself and nearly everyone else that I know on here that had Emend took three. One a day for three days, starting just an hour or so before getting chemo for the first Emend.

But, that was when receiving three types of chemo on the same day..Cisplatin, Taxotere, then 5FU through the pump for the next four days.

When I only had the seven weeks of Carboplatin, it was the same as Phrannie.

Make sure to stay hydrated and communicate with your MD's.


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Tube feeding sucks even when you feel good but the little pest keeps us alive. Hang in there.


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To Hard12find,

Know that you started trx i think right before we did...our first trx was last Friday. Hope things are going as well as can be expected. At least eachday gets us closer to the end of treatment phase. Good luck to you

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